Gabbie Hanna trashes Trisha Paytas openly – Call Me Crazy Review

Of all the people known to back down, we are really beginning to think that Gabbie Hanna is not one of them. She is standing her ground in all her battles, and it is honestly getting a little out of hand. We believe she may be one of the most talented YouTubers out there. However, it seems like such a waste considering she is utilizing it on the negativity around her. On that note, here is everything in Gabbie Hanna’s new song Call me Crazy and how we believe it is a diss track on Trisha Paytas.

For a general overview, we believe the song is not of Gabbie’s best as you would find that it is significantly auto-tuned. Furthermore, the song does not reflect the music from her we have come to love and adore. It sounds like though she is pouring emotion into it, they are not the ones that elevate a song. The song is overall fine. It sounds good enough to be up in the charts but just not, very Gabbie. Call Me Crazy, as Gabbie Hanna did put it before, reflects a new sound but we’re not so sure if we dig that sound.

A lyrical breakdown of Call Me Crazy.

You friends don’t like when I’m around
And they all think that you should leave me bleeding
They say I only bring you down
But they just don’t see what it is you see in me
I’m just a little insecure
But it might come off like I’m self-obsessive
You try to leave, I lock the door
I call it passion, you call it possessive

So… let us just put it out there. This first verse is just Gabbie Hanna trashing Trisha from Vlog Squad’s Jason Nash’s perspective. She mentioned this door incident in her video for a few days ago where she was explaining that she doesn’t trash Only Fans barbie, Trisha! She is singing from Trisha’s perspective where she knows every word going around about her among the Vlog Squad. Yet, somehow she still justifies her excessive actions as love and passion.

I’m just a little tightly wound
I don’t need much, I just need you to need me
You cry, I relish in the sound
‘Cause that means that it might be too hard to leave me

We think this part of Gabbie Hanna’s Call Me Crazy looks more into Trisha’s obsession with having a significant someone all the time. Her infatuations are borderline sadistic with the way she goes about. Always wanting to be deeper into it and thriving on the pain of the other person in the relationship.

i’m such a mess, you don’t even know the half of it
I must confess I’m a chore
Trying my best but you almost have to laugh at it
Crazy for you
I’m so intense, you don’t even know the half of it
But nonetheless, you want more
Love the suspense but you almost have to laugh at it

The Chorus is pretty self-explanatory.

Gabbie Hanna Call Me Crazy Music Video analysis!

If one assumes that Gabbie justified the lyrics not to be a diss track beforehand, the video is another story. Have a watch first!

Okay so, let us get straight to the point.

First, Gabbie makes no secret of the fact that the video is directed at Paytas. The Pink hotel, the pink room and everything pink there can be is a reflection of Trisha Paytas’s obsession with the color.

Second, initially, the maid dress seems to be a shade on Trisha and her OnlyFans. Did anyone else notice how tan the breasts looked? Gabbie Hanna definitely spared no detail for the making of Call Me Crazy. Following this, a fan also innocently assumed that she was hinting at starting her Cleaning series again. For those of you who do not know, Gabbie Hanna had a whole cleaning series where she gets her spaces cleaned out. Although that is unlikely!

Another trash on Trisha would be Gabbie Hanna changing guys and hotel rooms in the background. What is that about? More shade on Trisha and her p*rnographic experiences?

Third, Gabbie’s cleaner spray says, “Gabbie Hanna Crazy Cleaner, Daily mess remover: easily removes any mess you’ve made.” Does anyone know what that could mean? If the last few months are any indication, Gabbie is not good at cleaning up any crazy messes. We all remember her hiatus and watching the Call me crazy video.

The fourth pointer would be from the Yellow and White bedroom; the guy in the background has a newspaper in hand that reads: the marvelous Mrs. Maisel nominated for 20 Emmy awards. We find it to be a double shade at Trisha as she is obsessed with getting married and is a non-stand-up stand-up comedian.

Lastly, the guys showing up in the motel rooms are also band members behind Gabbie as she sings. Is that supposed to have some double meaning, as if Trisha slept with some of her crew members?

Call Me Crazy is actually full of crazy, and our confusion aside, it might be one of Gabbie Hanna’s most creative works.

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