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Gabbie Hanna talks about her Imposter Syndrome

Gabbie Hanna is about to release her new EP in a few weeks. More so, her latest track, Dandelion comes out only 2 days from now, i.e. 17th of April. That is something to look forward to in this boring Quarantine. However, we all know that the now-famous YouTuber and Singer, Gabbie Hanna has battled numerous mental health issues over the years. It just so happens that her anxiety takes a form fans may not have heard of before; Imposter Syndrome. That is right. In a recent tweet, the ‘Butterflies’ singer, Gabbie talked about she’d had Imposter Syndrome for quite some while. But there is good news to go with it. She is successfully overcoming it.

Gabbie Hanna reveals she is getting over her Imposter Syndrome

So, a little nervousness right before putting something out as an artist is understandable. As Gabbie Hanna gets closer to the dates of her releases, she is getting ready for what comes next. In this tweet from just yesterday, Gabbie Hanna revealed that she is finally feeling it. You know, the feeling of putting her music out for people to hear.

omg im just fully realizing i’m putting out a 5-song EP in a few weeks. i’ve been so busy with it that i haven’t had time to FEEL it. but omg i’m FEELING IT. i’m putting out a beautiful body of work so soon. a full project. that’s a BIG DEAL. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.🥺🥺🩸🩸

A short few seconds after, Gabbie Hanna tweets this.

i truly feel like an artist. i have serious imposter syndrome that constantly tells me i’m not who i am, i am who i’m not…

but i’m passionate. i work hard. i pour my whole heart into everything i do. and i produce good work.

i’ve just never felt more like an artist. 🥺🩸

Well, that is a cute thought Gabbie. For those of you who do not know, Imposter Syndrome is where you forever feel like you are in a place that you are not welcome in. Well, in simplest terms. We are happy Gabbie is working through her issues and working hard to bring us her music. We cannot wait for Dandelion to drop. It is the first in Gabbie Hanna’s long line of projects to release.

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