Gabbie Hanna talks about her bad poetry

Gabbie Hanna is coming out with a new poetry book. So, it is only understandable that the American YouTuber and musician is addressing her previous book. So basically, for a few months now, there have been words on social media. That is, Gabbie’s poetry is discouraging and not of high quality. Readers believe her poetry encourages people to opt for self-harm as a coping mechanism. So, Gabbie posts the video to talk about some of the poems in her first book; Adultolescence.

P.S Gabbie Hanna also reveals the name of her new poetry book. Surprise, it is the same as her new single, Dandelion.

Okay, half of the video is about Gabbie Hanna’s new poetry book. She goes on to describe how there are 3 exclusive versions. Each one different from the other. You can Pre-order Dandelion now!

Gabbie Hanna Addresses her bad poetry

Getting into her poetry book Adultolescence, first of all, Gabbie Hanna talks about how everyone is entitled to have an opinion. She mentions how even if you are a world-renowned chef like Gordon Ramsey, some critics find reasons to criticize them. She is implying the fact that it is always a matter of preference when it comes to art. Gabbie also goes on to explicitly say it:

As long as people are talking about my art, I’m happy about it. It is not taking my book off the shelves and it sure as hell is not going to stop me from creating.

Gabbie Hanna says that Adultolescence is a very deeply misunderstood book. She says that her book has been called a Shel Silverstein parody – which it is not. She describes the books as:

This book was very adult themes written from the lens of a child or written through the lens of children’s poems.

Gabbie Hanna talks about mental health and other adult problems and talks of them through the language that a child can understand. She gets emotional at this point because this book is her explaining herself the best she can.

Further in the video, Gabbie Hanna talks about the poems inside the book but we’ll leave you to watch that part yourselves.

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