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Gabbie Hanna Starts Her Own Podcast ‘Box Of Thoughts’

We all know Gabbie Hanna as a singing sensation and internet personality with almost 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube. She has several hit tracks like Butterflies and Broken Girls with official music videos. The drama has also been a part of the package with Gabbie Hanna, whether it’s her feud with Trisha Paytas or some tensions with Shane Dawson. Well, she just launched a podcast, Box of Thoughts, where she reveals a lot about her life and answers FAQs, so you might want to listen to it.

Gabbie Hanna In A Podcast

A podcast is basically an audio show series. It is a fun way to enjoy a show in a unique way. Well, Gabbie Hanna just launched her very own podcast and she is pretty excited about it.

She made the announcement on her Instagram page & Twitter handle, saying she will be ‘spilling some tea’ and answering questions from fans. She also added that “this podcast is about US (you guys) and the world we live in.”

If you’re interested in listening to it, the link is available in her Instagram bio.

Box of Thoughts

The podcast show will be hosted by Gabbie and co-hosted by Irene Walton, a baker and also a YouTube star.

The show will reveal all the inside scoop about Gabbie Hanna’s life by herself. She is going to talk about her latest life events so we can expect her to unveil more about upcoming projects as well as the drama that surrounds her. She will be answering all the questions her fans have for her. And lastly, she will be sharing her deepest thoughts hence the title ‘Box Of Thoughts’.

If you want to listen to Box Of Thoughts, you have lots of options. It has been posted on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Castbox, PocketCasts, RadioPublic, Breaker, and RSSFeed.

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