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Gabbie Hanna stands up to Haters and Cyberbullies

Gabbie Hanna is no stranger to haters on the internet. Well, to be fair, in this age and time, no Social Media users are strangers to cyberbullying. It seems as if the entire world gathers to hate on one particular person. In reality, it is happening to millions at the same time. Cyberbullies are a real problem and Gabbie Hanna knows it. In a recent TikTok video using her song Dandelion, Gabbie finds a way to let her haters go.

@thegabbieshowCYBER-BULLYING affects MILLIONS of people a year. U R NOT THE LABELS OTHERS PUT ON U. show me what they call u, then wipe it away! ##dandelion♬ original sound – thegabbieshow

Gabbie Hanna wants to get over Cyberbullies

So, in the video, Gabbie Hanna writes all the names she has been called over the years by cyberbullies on her page, onto her face. Covering her entire face with the labels, she then starts to wipe them all off. It is somewhat of an exercise from her to show her followers how they can get let go of all the hate. She also challenges her followers to recreate the trend on their accounts as a duet.

However, this way of getting over the labels of cyberbullies by Gabbie Hanna may not be so innovative. Netflix series Too Hot To Handle have something similar going on on their show. As Afterbuzz TV posted the episode where,

The final Workshop is called Re-Birthing where the group paints words on each other representing the worst thing people have said about them.

They own up to the labels given by bullies and cyberbullies. So, as we know it, the trend might not be as effective but for the sake of it, you can always show haters that you are over them by following Gabbie Hanna’s trend. Also, you are greater than your greatest bullies. So, always remember to be nice to yourself!

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