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Gabbie Hanna spills details on Trisha Paytas song

Remember how we said it has been peaceful ever since Gabbie Hanna returned from her hiatus? Well, we may have spoken too soon. The 2WAYMIRROR singer is sinking back into her toxic routine, and it seems more complicated to keep up with her every hour. As the YouTuber Gabbie Hanna falls back into her usual pattern, she is now releasing a song about Trisha Paytas. And while it may be everything you expect to have amidst the Gabbie Trisha battle, this is not it. Apparently, the singer was asked by Paytas to write a song about her a year ago. Trisha does not want it now, and Gabbie is bringing it out alone. We think it is just one big diss track, as the Bad Karma singer explains it.

So while we are all happy and excited about the new album, her first album, this song seems sketchy.

Before we get into the details, let us just put it out there, Gabbie needs to stop making a meme out of herself. We get people hyped it up, but she just uses her ‘Woah’ meme excessively throughout the video – and honestly, it is annoying.

So, there is no love lost between Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna for sure. However, when the two were friends, Paytas supposedly asked TheGabbieShow to write a song for her. She owns her crazy personality, and Gabbie uses that to her total advantage in the song. Now, since Trisha has backed out, the singer owns the song and is explaining all the craziness in the song. It sounds more like she is justifying that she does not mean to make Trisha out to be crazy; it’s just who T is. Weird. But she explains some lyrics by narrating events as she quotes the time Paytas blocked the door to keep ex-Jason Nash from leaving. She explains other happenings as;

Overall, I think that Trisha feels really misunderstood so I really wanted to capture that in this song. I think she projects her insecurities onto others and deflects a lot.

Clarifying that she is not talking from a professional perspective cause, obviously, she is not one, Gabbie Hanna goes on to say that her hunch is the reason behind the first lyric about Trisha Paytas in the song.

So the very first line that was written of this song is, ‘I’m just a little insecure, why do I come off like I’m self-obsessive.’

Gabbie seems to really be going off the deeper end with this song. What are your thoughts on her clarifications so far? Please leave them in the comments below!

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