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Gabbie Hanna slammed for stalking Bo Burnham in the past

Critics slam Gabbie Hanna for stalking Bo Burnham in the past and even faked a relationship with the Viner-turned-comedian.

Social Media influencer star Gabbie Hanna continues to face an enormous amount of backlash for her stalking capabilities. After fans rediscovered an old video of the YouTuber faking a relationship with Viner-turned-comedian Bo Burnham, she is being upbraided by fans across all platforms.

Back when Gabbie Hanna fake-dated Bo Burnham

Recently, Bo Burnham has been in the news a lot after the success of his Netflix comedy special. After gaining popularity from Vine and YouTube, Burnham has finally worked up to having his own Netflix original. Moreover, he even recorded specials for Comedy Central, writing and directing his own movie Eighth Grade. But with Inside, Burnham has really outdone himself. With his name going viral again, fans rediscovered Gabbie Hanna’s video from 2014, where she discussed her most “embarrassing secrets”.

One of those secrets, however, was faking a relationship with Burnham. She claims to have created a fake Facebook account of Bo Burnham, cropped a picture of herself with the actor, and accepted that account’s relationship request from her account as well. Hanna said:

I was a bit of a fangirl. And by fangirl, I mean ‘stalker.’ I would write on his Facebook wall all the time, and he would answer me, and I would Tweet at him, and he would answer my Tweets. I was really creepy.

Hanna further said she told everyone her relationship was totally legit, continuing:

I told everybody that it was real. I was so dedicated to that lie, and I was telling myself the whole time that it was like a joke and I was being funny, but lowkey, I was living this really creepy fantasy.

Moreover, someone even updated Burnham’s Wikipedia with the information that he dated Gabbie Hanna. Hanna later admitted to meeting Burnham at a comedy show, where she took a picture with the comedian and replaced the cropped picture with that one as the profile picture for the fake profile.

Fans upbraid her in the comments.

Now, Burnham never called Hanna out for this behavior and has not commented on the video as of yet. But it isn’t a secret at all. And after the video resurfaced, fans went and reprimanded her in the replies, with some accusing her of being the reason why Burnham is so private regarding his personal life:

Gabbie Hanna slammed for stalking Bo Burnham in the past
Gabbie Hanna slammed for stalking Bo Burnham in the past
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