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Gabbie Hanna shows too much skin on Instagram & gives new music update

Gabbie Hanna, drama. Drama, Gabbie Hanna. They’re like two peas in a pod! Don’t get me wrong, I love some good old storytime videos and her music. But, it seems that with Gabbie, there is no going around it. And with Quarantine, there’s a lot of time to be very dramatic about things. And for Gabbie Hanna, she does not need other people to create a mess of everything. The YouTuber is perfectly capable of doing it all to herself. Let us take an example of this recent Instagram post.

Gabbie Hanna is showing off too much skin?

If you scroll through the pictures on Gabbie’s Instagram, you come across a certain post and at first glance, one may not notice but it looks like she is not wearing any underwear. Wait – what? However, upon looking closely, we find that Gabbie is wearing underwear, it is just a nude color. While fans in the comments are too excited about her new upcoming music – they overlook the tiny detail. But, some fans do point it out. And it borderline looks to us like Gabbie did that on purpose.

New Music Update – New Song Out Soon!

So, more than anything, Gabbie Hanna’s fans have been looking forward to an update from her on her new projects. And Gabbie is Delivering. In her latest YouTube video, she discloses that her new Single’s Name is Dandelion. The single comes out on the 17th of April! You can stream her music the second it releases on her website.

Gabbie also announced that the entire EP behind Dandelion comes out in May 2020! That is some good news.

Speaking of good news, our dramatic influencer is also announcing her new book “Very Soon”. We can hardly wait! Let us begin the countdown to Gabbie Hanna’s new music.

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