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Gabbie Hanna Shares Her Liposuction Experience

Gabbie Hanna just had another liposuction experience. She previously got her nose done. This time, it’s her chin fat and jawline. She shared a video on her YouTube explaining her experience with the fat removal surgery.

Fat Removal Surgery

So she started the video talking about how this surgery wasn’t her usual topical or temporary surgical process. Gabbie Hanna talked about how there is no going back with permanent surgeries. For example her nose job. But whereas you have to live with the new nose forever, this is a basic fat removal surgery. Gabbie Hanna stated she was just getting her jawline defined so there was no risk.

However, she added that she did not want to give the wrong message with this. .”I don’t want people to feel that if they have a little fat under their chin, they need to get it sucked out surgically.”

Gabbie Hanna shares her experience

As she headed out for the fat removal surgery, Gabbie stated that it is an invasive surgery so she is scared.

“Or the problem is that I’m afraid of doing something so publicly that I dont necessarily think I need”

She nervously arrived at the liposuction clinic. The lady at the clinic explained how there was nothing to worry about. The doctor would give Gabbie Hanna a completely contoured look and a more chiseled jawline. The lady also shared that thousands of people get the liposuction done- even many ‘influencers.’

She then met the doctor who outlined the area that needs some work done. Still conflicted and anxious, Gabbie wondered if she should go for it. She then said, “It’s now or never”, called a friend for advice, and finally…….

Post liposuction

Gabbie Hanna decided against it. She filmed herself in the car and said “Post-op!” and then said she was kidding..

Teary-eyed, she said she couldn’t do it. Sharing her insecurities, she said,

“It was something I was insecure about before I trained and like lost weight and excess fat that I had over here. i think right now I’m just very insecure about my body. And I was just trying to find a way to make the best out of a bad situation.”

Then, completely breaking down, Gabbie shared that not having control over her body really freaks her out.

She added that you need to be 100% confident and sure about going into surgery. But she doesn’t have a clear head so now is not the right time to do it.

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