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Gabbie Hanna & Shane Dawson Aren’t Friends Anymore?

Gabbie Hanna & Shane Dawson’s Old Collab Videos

The collab videos are still available on their YouTube channels if anyone wants to see them. Gabbie Hanna & Shane Dawson used to make all of those PG-titled videos. The collab titles include: ‘Making out gone wrong with Shane Dawson’, ‘Acting out fan fiction with Shane Dawson (trigger warning)’, ‘Trying gross 99 cents store candy’, ‘Sex talk with Shane Dawson’, ‘Making out with Shane Dawson, Shit I couldn’t show you’, ‘Americans try German candy’. These are the ones still available on Gabbie Hanna’s YouTube.

While the ones available on Shane Dawson’s YouTube are: ‘Scariest places on the internet with the Gabbie show’, ‘Eating & talking about the s-x’, ‘tasting crazy pancakes’, ‘crazy stalker fan storytime’, ‘trying musically’.

Gabbie Hanna’s Explanation

So, Gabbie mentioned how Andrew and Shane are together for most of the time and that prevents her from hanging out with Shane:

He [Shane] works with my ex-boyfriend [Andrew]. I never wanted anything except everyone to be happy.

In the real world, people do not hang out with their exes a lot. You break up and you move on. They’re together a lot so by default, I do not hang out with Shane.

Shane Dawson’s Fans have Theories

Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna Shane

Well! Fans do need closure on this. If they weren’t on good terms then the videos wouldn’t be still on YouTube though. But then, Shane Dawson is friends with Trisha Paytas and she has a feud with Gabbie. We do need more answers and explanations!

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