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Gabbie Hanna reveals she’s a rape victim

Gabbie Hanna seems to be caught up in a lot right now. Her entire understanding of social media seems to be changing as we go. Well, no surprise there. The internet has always been just as full of bullies as ever. Maybe it is more that we are hearing about Gabbie’s side of the stories just now. And, we’re not too sure what she is trying to get out of everything in the last week. Marking the dates as probably the most messed up week for the YouTuber, we were so shocked at one of her more recent revelations. So, here is how this story goes.

Did Gabbie Hanna just out that she too, is a rape victim?

While Gabbie Hanna was so immersed in trying to remove the allegations cast upon her by former friends and YouTubers, something happened. On the 18th of June, a fan of the Bad Karma singer, tweets,

With regard to the word on the street that is, Gabbie Hanna is a rape apologist. These are rumors started by fellow YouTuber Jessi Smiles. This seems to be a breaking point for Gabbie as she in a fit of emotions responds,

So am i. So imagine the trauma of being a rape survivor, being falsely accused of being a rape apologist. Then tell me i’m being dramatic.

That is not what fans were expecting to hear amidst all this drama. This particular confession seems to have taken most of her followers by surprise as they ran to the support of their favorite YouTuber. However, it also took a toll on Gabbie Hanna herself as she was apparently so shaken by how the situation got carried away that she shut down for the night.

We have yet to know any details about the rape as Gabbie is trying to clear her name first.

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