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Gabbie Hanna returns to social media, addresses why she left

Gabbie Hanna, the famous YouTuber, Podcast host and singer, has returned to social media. About two months back, Gabbie deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts just after the beauty community drama went viral. Gabbie was friends with Shane Dawson back in the days, and both of them had created some controversial videos. Before deactivating her accounts, Gabbie also deleted her videos with Shane Dawson. However, just before she went MIA, she said that she is scared for her life. And that really scared her fans. In these 2 months, Gabbie only used her Patreon account to keep her fans updated. She also returned to her podcast a couple of weeks back. And now, she is officially back with a bang. What’s the bang?

Gabbie Hanna returns officially

Gabbie Hanna has reactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She has cleaned her Instagram account, that is, there is only one post now. And that’s about her latest YouTube video confirming why she left.

Before she left, Gabbie Hanna was also facing an issue with YouTube shadow-banning her music videos and other videos released by her. However, that does not explain why she deleted all of her Instagram posts. Or, why she has unfollowed everyone on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Yes, both of her accounts are showing 0 “following” now.

In her video, Gabbie Hanna opens up about the abuse she faced through her friends. She said every relationship can be abusive, including friendship. When Gabbie moved to the big city, she said she had to go through mental, and physical abuse from her “so-called” friends. She was being controlled by the people she was living with, who threatened her to kick her out while she was broke and couldn’t afford to move out.

Gabbie Hanna says she was living in an abusive relationship with her friends. She was scared to stand up for herself. However, she did not name any of her friends. But she did mention that those same friends started a smear campaign against her. There is a chance she might be talking about Alx James who suggested her to move to LA with her.

Fear & Anxiety

Gabbie Hanna said the same old friends affected her life so much that she could not sleep or take care of herself. She suffered from anxiety and worried about what they will say next in their statements to hurt her reputation.

Before she deactivated her accounts, she had recorded a video to expose all of her old friends that scared her and were running a campaign against her. Gabbie claims she had all of her receipts for threatening texts and recordings ready to be shared with her fans. However, she did not share it. She said the reality hit her hard when she realized that she was becoming obsessed with her old friends while trying to expose them.

Gabbie Hanna discussed the issue with her closest friends and they said that she is going through some serious issues and she needs to take a break. She was not okay, and what she was about to do was not the real solution. So she deactivated her accounts overnight.

After that, her friends and fans have been facing issues when the same haters started to come for them. The people threatened her fans to the point that it turned into harassment. Therefore, Gabbie Hanna started to plan a lawsuit to put an end to it. Her legislator warned her about the duration of the lawsuit and that it will take upto 2-3 years. Even though she had a case, a solid case, Gabbie Hanna was not ready to waste 2-3 years of her life on the people she is trying to cut her ties with, permanently.


Gabbie Hanna said she let her ego and pride run her for the most of her life. She was letting her ego make decisions on her behalf. However, she is closing it all for now. The drama that started in 2013, is ending now. She is giving up on the drama and she will not look for revenge.

Gabbie Hanna further confirmed that she had been receiving death threats from people who know where she lives. She also saw a stalker outside her house with a vehicle full of high-tech equipment. The guy parked his car outside her house when she left with Payton for shopping, when quarantine started. However, he left when they arrived back. Gabbie checked her CCTV footage to confirm his presence and she got scared.

Gabbie Hanna teases with new music

Even though she was on a break, seems like Gabbie Hanna had been working on new music. After coming back on her social media accounts, Gabbie shared a screenshot of her chat with Irene. In the chat, she was talking to Irene about shooting new music videos. Seems like Gabbie would be releasing new music soon.

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