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Gabbie Hanna Responds To Jessi Smiles & Her Fan Deanna

Since the release of Jessi Smiles’ video on exposing Gabbie Hanna, things are still getting crazier. Fans are canceling Gabbie Hanna and you can even see GabbieHannaisoverparty trending on Twitter. Though Gabbie was really having a party with her friends and family for her song release:

Broken Girls. However, she had to take a break and issue public statements to address the whole Jessi Smiles and her fan, Deanna, situation. What might have seemed like a good idea to her, is still turning her fans against Gabbie because they are not buying it.

Gabbie Hanna Responds To Jessi Smiles & Deanna

Basically, Gabbie was hanging out with Jessi’s rapist at a party. Thus many fans are questioning how Gabbie could communicate with her BFF’s rapist at a random party, or through texts as confirmed by Gabbie. Since the statements posted by Gabbie address both Jessi and Deanna separately, we are sharing both screenshots below:

Gabbie Hanna Jessi Smiles Statement
Gabbie Hanna/Twitter

Whereas; statement addressing Deanna is as under:

Gabbie Hanna Deanna Statement
Gabbie Hanna/Twitter

What has us confused is, Jessi Smiles was referring to “one event” where Curtis Lepore communicated with Gabbie Hanna. However, as per Gabbie’s statement, it was not a single event. It has happened more times than that one particular highlighted event:

Gabbie Hanna Statement
Gabbie Hanna /Twitter

Anyways, Gabbie Hanna wishes Jessi Smiles all the love and happiness she deserves. She also apologized to Deanna for pulling her into the whole mess.

Jen Dent Speaks Up For Her Friend Jessi Smiles

Jessi Smiles and Jen Dent are very close friends. In fact, they only fought once and that was due to Gabbie Hanna manipulating both of them, as confirmed by both Jen and Jessi. While proving her side to Deanna, Gabbie used text messages from Jen Dent, from a time when she was not in good terms with Jessi Smiles. Fast forward to today, Jessi and Jen are still very good friends and Jen is showing her full support to Jessi.

She did not just endorse the whole Jessi Smiles video, Jen has things to add.

Well, the middle tweets are definitely gone.

Fans are finding more deleted tweets where you cannot see what Gabbie Hanna posted but the responses from fans as well as Curtis Lepore, himself, are still available on Twitter. Jen Dent is highlighting the same:

And this after he was arrested:

Jen Dent also summarized Gabbie Hanna’s statement addressing Jessi Smiles as under:

Fans Are Being Dragged By Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna is DMing fans who are taking Jessi Smiles’ side or who were questioning Gabbie’s behavior. Other than Deanna, another fan Abi Kathryn has been dragged in as well.

What’s happening?

Is Gabbie Hanna going to respond again? We hope she does and clears everything as Twitter is divided into two halves right now and the other half is getting bigger.

As you can see, fans are still not buying Hanna’s side of things. Gabbie Hanna is losing subscribers:

Gabbie Hanna Subscribers
Subscribers count of Gabbie Hanna YouTube channel, Ref: socialblade

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