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Gabbie Hanna Responds to Fan’s Controversial Comment About Her Nose

As a YouTuber, Gabbie Hanna is not new to hate on the internet. It’s just in the job description. Not everyone is going to love you but neither is everyone going to hate you. However, fans need to understand that these celebrities that we put on a pedestal are human too and they have feelings just like us.

Gabbie Hanna Responds to Hate Comments About Her Nose Job

Even though we’re living in the most modern of times there’s still a stigma attached to getting plastic surgery done. It’s not seen as something that one does because they want to. Rather it’s seen as conforming to an ideal beauty standard.

Gabbie Hanna, a YouTuber, and singer received both kinds of reaction from her fans when she got her nose job done. Some were supportive and while some called her toxic for conforming to society’s impossible beauty standards.

Under a post on Gabbie’s latest Instagram post, a fan commented,

If you’re so about being real and exposing the toxic beauty standards, how about you fess up to facetuning all your bathing suit/lingerie/naked pics for years? (You know screenshoting and zooming in is a thing, right, and you can’t draw a smooth line for shit?) Don’t act like you’re above all other influencers when you’re doing the exact same thing as them and perpetuating unreal body/beauty standards. Especially when your audience is mainly preteen girls and you know that.

To this very hateful comment, Gabbie Hanna Replied,

@mastifyr i post boomerangs of my body and work out vids on ig story daily, feel free to check out my fitness highlight 👌🏼 people complaining about how much i post about working out are usually the ones accusing me of not actually being in good shape lmao

Though Gabbie Hanna put this hater in their place, let’s all not forget that celebrities are human too. Your mean words affect them too. Also, getting a nose job done is not only about conforming to an ideal beauty standard. It’s also about doing it for oneself. If you’re going to love yourself more after a nose job, do it! Let the haters bark.

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