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Gabbie Hanna releases Intense Music Video for ‘Special’

Gabbie Hanna’s drama aside, she just released her music video for her Bad Karma EP song Special. Her music is one of the things that reflect her personality. And special is a song all about how people use their words to manipulate, spread rumors, and hate. The entire song focuses on the practice of gaslighting a person. If you do not know what gaslighting is, it means when people manipulate someone into doubting their own sanity/ mental health stability. The fact that Gabbie has claimed that she is often a victim of this really reflects in the music video.

Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna releases music video for recent song Special

So, like most of her music videos, Gabbie Hanna also puts in a deeper meaning into the video. The YouTuber is very famous for all her drama and the lies, hate, rumors, and everything that surrounds her. Most of it now seems to have become a part of the Gabbie Hanna brand. In the video, if you may notice, Gabbie is seen getting hits by the camera. That is her way of showing how the people on the other side of the camera (the viewers) treat her. And then, in the bridge and the end of the video, she is fighting back. Which is what she is doing now since her comeback on social media.

Although, it does seem like Gabbie Hanna has done a lot of fighting back since the release of this music video. About 200 tweets, including replies, since July 15th (the day the video released). She is pushing back to the haters and standing up for herself. The artist also sparked one of her biggest dramas to date where she claims that YouTube is shadowbanning her. She also said that YouTube itself is responsible for a lot of the gaslighting in her life.

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