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Gabbie Hanna Releases Goodbye for Now Music Video

Gabbie Hanna Releases Goodbye for Now Music Video

Things with YouTuber and musician Gabbie Hanna have been relatively peaceful since her return to the online world. She seems to be working to keep herself occupied in her own world. Not to say all the controversy around her is gone. But if there is one thing her fans and haters have in common, they all like her music. And rightfully so. She has an amazing voice and with her experiences writes some of the most relatable lyrics. Her raw and unfiltered music makes her a delight. Recently, Recently, Gabbie Hanna released an unexpected music video of her song from her 2019 EP 2WAYMIRROR, Goodbye For Now. Let’s talk about that.

Gabbie Hanna Goodbye For Now

Gabbie Hanna Shares 2019 EP’s ‘Goodbye For Now’ Music Video.

The video is basically a Verticle one with her date in reverse as she says ‘goodbye’ to her lover temporarily. As most of her videos have a significant meaning, here’s what we decipher from this one. So the initial date in fast forwards seems to be her way of showing how quickly things go by when you are starting to get into a relationship. You do not even see the time passing or notice the things happening. But it’s getting out of a relationship that is the hard part. You know, the slow process of realizing how things happened until you finally close the door on them. Gabbie Hanna seems to have attempted her shot at creating a reverse video for Goodbye for Now and we stan it!

Gabbie is one of the more passionate members of the Internet Personality Community when it comes to her career. She’s constantly getting into drama and while she does get hate for that, her haters too, find that her music is worth it. Gabbie Hanna has recently been experimenting alongside Payton Saxon with music videos from the phone and watching both, Goodbye for Now and Happy, we totally love her for it.

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