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Gabbie Hanna releases cover of song ‘You Oughta Know’

I am sure you all know about Gabbie Hanna. The famous singer and songwriter, author, YouTuber and internet personality. Gabbie Hanna is actually famous for many things but mainly because of her opinionated takes and controversies.

Gabbie also wrote a book which is called ‘Adultolescene’. The book appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list but it received mixed reviews from people.

Gabbie called out her critics and said:

I think it’s really lame that a bunch of non-creative, insecure, neurotypical people dragged my poetry for months for views on YouTube and TikTok instead of creating their own art.

Moreover, Gabbie also released a bunch of videos in which she said that she has been bullied and harassed by Rachel Oates, a popular YouTuber that does book and poetry reviews.

She started her career from Vine, then created a YouTube Channel: The Gabbie Show. She was most famous for her Storytime videos, even got nominated for awards.

Gabbie Hanna releases a new song cover

Gabbie Hanna released a song cover a week ago which is titled ‘You Oughta Know‘. If you have not seen the music video, let us give you a rundown what the video is like. Gabbie is seen wearing a black crop top and white jeans. It seems like the video is shot at some deserted area where there are two guitarists and one drummer seen in the video behind Gabbie. The song is originally by Alanis Morissette.

Fans have mixed feelings about Gabbie’s song cover but most of the people were critical for Gabbie’s song.

Twitter went crazy when Gabbie released her song cover. Some people even want her off the internet, a bit harsh. No?

Gabbie has always gotten hate for her controversial topics and poetry but she keeps releasing new content in this fields. Let’s see if she will respond to the criticism for her new song cover now.

You can listen to it here:

Gabbie Hanna

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