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Gabbie Hanna | People Aren’t Happy With Her Poetry Book ‘Adultolescence’

So, just a few days ago, YouTuber Gabbie Hanna tweeted that her poetry book, Adultoscence, was picked up by Urban Outfitters. It was a delight to hear as it always is fun to see someone progress. However, more recently, Gabbie Hanna has yet another drama coming her way! The YouTuber, who started her career on Vine, knows her way around drama and controversies. We are just surprised that her projects can get such backlash even after 2 years of being out on the market.

What really happened with Gabbie Hanna’s book?

So, knowing the type of writer Gabbie Hanna is, we know her words are graphic. Her ideas come from the mind of an estranged point of view. Her book is known to be filled with thoughts and emotions coming from a dark place. So, recently a tweeter handle, @Jade_Luffy posted a poem from the book.

As disturbing as this may be, it is also important to remember that Gabbie Hanna also claims to be a mental health advocate. Her fanbase is mostly teenagers. It is important to make teens understand that suicide is not an option. Instead, her book reassuring sentences like “no one gives a shit if I do” can potentially trigger suicidal thoughts and feelings in the reader.

Mental health is an issue to tread lightly around. Anyone who claims to know about it must understand it. If not, it just becomes a matter of promoting self-harming behavior. Fans of the Youtuber are turning their backs on her after realizing just how harsh this is. Not to mention how much this may affect them.

That is just sad. I mean, The reviews are actually heartbreaking.

Well, all we’re gonna say is, for an 8th grader, it’s no way to understand yourself.

Can’t wait to see how Gabbie Hanna posts her way out of this one.

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