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Gabbie Hanna Patreon account reactivated

All the drama aside, Gabbie Hanna has one thing she’s exceptionally amazing at. Her music. Ever since her first single, Out Loud, hit the world, we have loved everything about her music. So, it comes as no surprise that fans and listeners are impatiently waiting for her newest release. Gabbie Hanna was set to release a couple of songs as singles in the upcoming weeks. However, Coronavirus took over her plans too, just as it did over the entire world. And while fans have been consistent with asking for the new music, Gabbie finally speaks about it! And she is asking her fans to join her Patreon as she reactivates it.

As we are all quarantined, we have a lot of time on our hands. For Gabbie Hanna, she is going back on her Patreon! Her Patreon is her exclusive paid content account.  She typically posts all the behind the scenes, music-making and her poetry and diary entries on the Patreon. The account is only accessible by members. Gabbie is all hyped and prepared to bring you the best of her content.

i took a long break from it while i focused on my mental health but i’m feeling so inspired & motivated! i have a brand new posting schedule to keep me on track.

There are levels of membership that you can subscribe to. In the Instagram post, Gabbie talks about how she has lessened them from 7 to 4 tiers.

i also went from 7 to 4 tiers so that each tier is PACKED with exclusive, consistent content! every penny of my patreon goes into music & music video production.

Gabbie Hanna updates on her upcoming music

Gabbie meant the post to tell her fans how her music video shoots are delayed. She was supposed to shoot her first music video a few days ago but couldn’t. The Coronavirus has caused all social gatherings to halt for a while.

i was supposed to be shooting a music video today that [obviously] got postponed, so id choose to be there.

But you do not need to worry! Gabbie Hanna has a pretty exciting alternative for you! She’s thinking of bringing out the songs in an EP.

since there’s so much uncertainty with album timing and the ability to shoot music videos, i’m putting out an EP bc i CANNOT wait any longer! i’ll find creative ways to get you music and visuals 🙂 these next 3 songs were incredible singles that didn’t belong on the album, so it’s kinda cool that i have a reason to package & release them!

Gabbie Hanna also posted that a ‘BIG BIG ANNOUNCEMENT’ is coming this Thursday. Could it be the release date of her music?

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