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Gabbie Hanna has No Drama with the Vlog Squad

Popular YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has filmed a video revealing everything that happened last year, and seems like she went through a bit too much.

Why Did Gabbie Hanna Have a Rough Year?

Probably one very true answer as per The Gabbie show host is that nothing happened. In the year recap video that Hanna shared on her channel, she talked about the year was hard. And all she saw was shit about herself, but even then she did not talk about it and kept pushing it down. Being an anxious person, she had a very rough year for a lot many reasons that she talked about in the later stages of her video.

The Gabbie show host acknowledged that she recently saw a comment on her channel which was very true. Apparently, someone had told her she is very fragile and does not belong in the industry. But instead of being offended, she admitted that it was true. However, she added that in real life, she could just move on from things that bothered her. But the waves of hate on the internet make it a lot harder which is why she started avoiding using social media apps. And she couldn’t just not use YouTube so she would shield the suggested videos part on purpose so that she does not stumble across anything that might hurt her.

Gabbie Hanna continued that she had really supportive people in her life. And they continued consoling her that she was a good person. But what Hanna felt was that people were not just choosing sides in an argument. Instead, they were just hating her for who she as a person was which made it even worse.

Gabbie Hanna and the Deal with the Vlog Squad…

Gabbie Hanna has revealed that there is pretty much nothing wrong between her and the vlog squad. And whatever we may have heard is just loads of assumptions and speculations. The Gabbie show host made a point that just because she misses certain parties, or does not hang out with them a lot, it does not mean anything went wrong. She also emphasized that just because she compliments someone else, or appreciates them does not mean that she is throwing shade at her friends in the Vlog Squad.

Hanna also shared that there is no person on YouTube that she does not support and that’s Rice Gum due to the drama incurred in the past year. And she does not know of anybody who hates her on her face. As far as David Dobrik and Liza Koshy were concerned, she was fine with them. And even talked to Liza Koshy a lot. So just because they all have different routines or preferences does not mean that she does not get along with the vlog squad.

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