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Gabbie Hanna loses it on social media, calls out her poetry critic Rachel Oates, & other influencers Dominic DeAngelis, Oscar Wylde, Angelika Oles

Currently, YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has been quite active on social media as she calls out all her critics. To some, it appears that she has been ‘lashing out’ and creating ‘unnecessary drama’. An occurrence that has been too often been associated with Gabbie Hannah, previously known as The Gabbie Show. She also defended herself against Dominic DeAngelis and Oscar Wylde.

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It all started when Gabbie Hanna was calling out all her poetry critics, in particular Rachel Oates

In 2017, Gabbie Hanna published a poetry book ‘adultolescence’ and it received a lot of backlash despite being a New York Bestseller. Most of which was critical in nature, pointing out the ‘lack of depth’ in her poetry. Though, there were some critics that may have taken it too far by publishing their own book mocking Gabbie Hannah’s ‘adultolescence’.

In one instance, Gabbie Hanna went head-to-head with Rachel Oates, a popular YouTuber who reviews books on her channel. Oates, over the years, has had several videos about Gabbie Hanna’s poetry book where she’s giving her reviews and opinion on it.

Gabbie Hanna

The latest review was done when Gabbie Hanna sent Rachel Oates her new poetry book, Dandelion about six months ago. However, Rachel Oates also made a parody of ‘adultolescence’, ‘Doggolescence‘. The book was written by Rachel Oates from her dog Kyra the Staffy’s perspective.

Gabbie Hanna perceived the criticism as ‘harassment’ and ‘bullying’ by someone who is not ‘smart’ or ‘talented’ and couldn’t even come up with their ‘own art’.

“Because I frankly don’t give a f**k anymore — I think it’s really lame that a bunch of non-creative, insecure, neurotypical people dragged my poetry for months for views on YouTube and TikTok instead of creating their own art.”

gabbie hanna lashes out poetry critics Gabbie Hanna

Then she directly called out Rachel Oates for being too critical of her poetry and added screenshots of the videos Oates had made about Gabbie’s poetry:

I also just wanna say that Rachel Oatmeal took the time to write a book from the perspective of a dog (since I write mine from the perspective of an abused child) to mock me, yet she’s still too much of coward to release under her own name. What a loser lmao.

She also made several Instagram Story videos about her where she called Oates a ‘narcissistic abuser’:

Rachel Oates responded to Gabbie Hanna calling her out:

“Oh look, she’s creating drama again by tagging me in posts telling ME of all people, I ‘don’t understand neurodivergent brains’. It’s been a month since I reviewed any of her work, just accept the constructive criticism and write better.”

Furthermore, she also added a direct message she had send to Gabbie Hanna:

“Leave me out of your attention seeking games and go get some help please. Clearly you’re having some sort of breakdown again and I understand, I’ve been there too, but this won’t help. Please, just go speak to your friends of family and calm down.”

Moreover, Rachel Oates directly responded to the accusation that she was mocking Gabbie Hanna’s sexual assault experience saying that she always analyzed Gabbie’s poetry and not her as a person.

P.S. I never have and never would make fun of someone’s trauma or mental health. Anyone who knows me or has seen any of my videos can tell this. Even in telling her to get help for her current breakdown – that wasn’t supposed to be mocking, I was genuinely telling her to get help because I’ve been there and screaming louder on the internet doesn’t help. You need to step away and calm down.

It’s easy for Gabbie to only say ‘but she did!’ and tell her side of things like only showing a video title or whatever and for people to believe her, but watch my videos and you’ll see I didn’t. I critiqued and analysed poetry.
I never mocked the subject matter. And I critiqued the quality of the writing. I parodied poor and lazy technique but never the subject matter.

She also talked about how she’s already left the matter alone and won’t be commenting on the situation anymore and won’t review her books anymore either.

And to the people saying ‘leave Gabbie alone’. I already have. My last video was 6+ months ago when SHE asked me to review her new book.
Before then it was a year ago in April 2020. That’s it. She hasn’t been on my radar in months, I haven’t been ‘relentlessly bullying and harassing her’. I haven’t interacted with her at all until she decided to start calling me names tonight and tagging me. But I won’t comment on her behavior anymore. I’ve said my piece. I stand by my work. She is completely misrepresenting me and now I’ve let people know, I won’t be commenting again.

Gabbie Hanna, however kept defending her name and herself, by saying that there should be no limits on standing up for yourself. She also said that her standing up for herself against her ‘abuser’ isn’t her ‘abusing’ anyone.

Gabbie Hanna talks about Rachel Oats

Angelika Oles tried to defend Rachel Oates, in turn, she got called out by Gabbie Hanna

A YouTuber that covers drama on the platform also talked about the situation on social media. She tweeted out saying that all of this was ‘unnecessary’ on Gabbie’s part.

“I just think this is unnecessary. Say your part about criticism/hate/whatever you want to call it, but multiple tweets calling someone abusive and a bully…while being obsessive and a bully back is an interesting way to go about things”

Gabbie quickly reacted to Angelika, pointing out how she herself has ‘bullied’ Gabbie many time as well.

So standing up to a bully is bullying them? I’m the only person who’s supposed to sit back and allow people to exploit and harass me bc I defend myself I’m a bully. What are you? Shut the f**k up Angelika, get back to law school.

She also went on to adds:

Awh is it unnecessary to call someone a bully Angelika? Is that mean? Toxic? A gross generalization made on someone I’ve never met? These narcissistic, confused, goof ass bitch I stg they don’t even TRY not to be hypocritical. This is that b***h in high school who draws on your yearbook photo to be an a**hole and laugh with her friends. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re anything more than a high school f***ing bully. Why are you involving yourself, attention seeker

Angelika Oles replied to Gabbie Hanna’s hit at her by saying that Hanna often created drama out of nothing:

and you’re the “b*tch in high school” who made up rumours about people to gain social relevance then? how many of your storytimes were JUST about you and how many involved other people? how many also involved other people in the industry?

Moreover, Oles tweeted out saying that she thinks Gabbie Hanna is only creating drama online because she has a new song coming, and it’s just a promotional tool for her.

To this, Gabbie replied saying:

She also made a video on social media generally talking about what was happening and informed everyone that she was okay contrary to popular belief. Gabbie Hanna mentioned that she was only trying to defend herself against those who have said defamatory and negative remarks about her:

Throughout this happening, Gabbie Hanna also talked about her ADHD and how she’s seeking professional treatment for it and she wanted to clear up misconceptions surrounding this mental health illness:

Then we have Oscar Wylde who also got wrapped up in the drama

Someone made a tweet calling out Gabbie Hanna for using drama to promote her new music and projects following Angelika Oles’s tweet about how this was just a marketing tool. Oscar Wylde, a popular TikToker who makes music remixes, happened to like the tweet. Gabbie was quick to point that out:

gabbie lashes out at oscar wylde Gabbie Hanna

She also mentioned Nick Snyder and joked about how he would now make a video about the situation. Then Oscar Wylde tried to make things better by directly messaging Gabbie on Twitter in order to apologize:

Oscar Wylde messages Gabbie on Twitter

However, Gabbie Hanna also wanted Oscar Wylde to publicly apologize to her and thought his message was a private apology. However, Oscar Wylde said that he was not apologizing and that he still agreed with the tweet.

Oscar Wylde DMs between Gabbie Hanna
more twittter DMs gabbie oscar Gabbie Hanna

Then Gabbie Hanna made rants about it on her Instagram Stories:

Oscar Wylde then posted the screenshots of his conversation with Gabbie Hanna, which led to her calling him out directly. Gabbie thought that Oscar was being ‘misogynistic’ because he was calling Gabbie aggressive when she was only trying to defend herself.

Oscar Wylde defended himself saying that she brought him in the ‘drama’ for simply liking a tweet.

Oscar Wylde defends himself

Gabbie Hanna also wants to defend herself against Dominic DeAngelis

In 2017, Dominic DeAngelis played a game of ‘Smash or Pass’ on a YouTube video with his friends. When Gabbie Hanna came up as an option, DeAngelis said that he would ‘Pass’ because Gabbie Hanna isn’t his type.

He recently made a tweet about Gabbie Hanna saying that she was ‘the top 3 worst human beings he had met in LA’. In response to that, Gabbie made a claim that Dominic DeAngelis got mad and stormed off when she confronted him about this ‘Smash or Pass’ video.

Gabbie tweets against Dominic DeAngelis

Though, there is a video showing that wasn’t the case:

Dominic DeAngelis then responded to Gabbie Hanna’s tweets where she is calling him out for ‘publicly shaming her’.

Dominic DeAngelis reacts to Gabbie Hanna

Then Gabbie Hanna reacted by saying again, it was only for her to defend herself.

bullying tweet defense gabbie Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie is pretty adamant on defending herself against those she perceives are her haters and abusers. But many do not agree with how she is choosing to defend herself.

What do you think about the situation?

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