Gabbie Hanna and Jessi Smiles: The Final Throwdown

Last year, in November, YouTuber Jessi Smiles spoke up against alleged rape apologist and ex-friend Gabbie Hanna. While Gabbie kept her silence till the release of her latest EP Bad Karma, Jessi too, was quiet through this time. However, yesterday, the musician posted the latest episode of her YouTube Podcast, Box of Thoughts. In it, she calls out her former friend for gaslighting her. Jessi Smiles has been putting words across about The Gabbie Show being a rape apologist among other things. This started a chain of tweets between the two accounts, both adamant on their side of the story. Could this be the final throwdown between the two YouTubers?

Gabbie Hanna Calls Jessi Smiles a ‘Narcissistic Abuser’

So in the episode of ‘Box of Thought’ labeled Enough, Gabbie Hanna, explains the situation with Jessi Smiles from the start. We’ll only be pointing out the parts relevant to the drama but, feel free to watch the entire video if you need to understand the context.

In this episode, Gabbie Hanna calls out Jessi Smiles for using her name in a bad light for years. She explains her side of the story going all the way back to 2014. As Gabbie mentions at the start of the video, she has reached her breaking point. Sitting with her beau, Payton Saxon, and best friend Irene, she tells her truth.

She says, she doesn’t regret what she did because she had to speak her truth. Well I’m speaking my truth. She said I’m setting the example of how people treat me. I’m gonna show you how I let people treat me. You are narcissistic abusers. And you have been for six f*cking years, Jessi Smiles.

At another point she says,

There is a fraction, that you guys know because I don’t show it. Because I’m not that f*ucking person. I’m not gonna expose your private f*ucking dms. I’m not gonna expose what people tell me you have said behind the scenes. And, I’m not gonna show you the facts and evidence because I’m 29 f*cking years old.

Meanwhile, Gabbie also starts tweeting about her truth.

As fans of Gabbie Hanna watch the video, they take to Twitter to add their takes to the Jessi Smiles situation. One of her fans post a tweet with a clip of Gabbie’s 2WayMirror tracks compiled with the caption,

2waymirror outsold J*ssi frown’s whole discography.

In an attempt to throw shade at Jessi’s own track that was released during those days. Gabbie responds to it mentioning the shade the fellow YouTuber threw on her with the release of her own track.

And then another fan comments in the same thread about some people are not worth saving a friendship with. To this Gabbie says,

i’m not trying to fix a friendship, it ended 5 years ago. i just want to be left the f*ck alone.

One of Jessi Smiles’s fans also steps in and says,

To this Gabbie Hanna responds sharing a clip of Jessi Smiles telling about how she meets her fans and often talks to them.

One reply asks Gabbie what this video proves. So, Gabbie Hanna responds,

that she took a fan out and talked shit even tho he didn’t ask, and she’s done it a few times. her entire excuse for what she did was i “crossed the line” by talking to a fan about her/us. Blatant hypocrisy.

And so, this is where Jessie steps in.

Jessi, after ignoring Gabbie’s mention of her for a while, finally speaks.

Gabbie says Jessi exposed her to fans

Jessi Smiles has had enough of Gabbie Hanna as she says to her,

Gabbie, I did not say your name in that video. You have NO proof I’ve spoken about you to fans, shown your private messages to fans, talked about your rape/rapist to fans, or talked about your medication to fans. You are grasping at straws and it’s painful to witness.

Meanwhile, another Gabbie fan Twitter account accuses Jessi of making out with a minor fan at a high school prom. She is quick to justify herself after which the account deletes itself. What just happened there?

Gabbie again implies Jessi to be a hypocrite.

To the tweet mentioned above, Gabbie Hanna replies that Jessi’s entire problem with her was that she talked to a fan about something that was the other way round. And now that’s what Gabbie is saying. That Jessi Smiles is sharing things about other YouTubers with her fans.

Jessi Calls Out Gabbie Hanna for… wait Gaslighting her?!

The tables do not take long to turn as Jessi Smiles calls out Gabbie Hanna for calling her a liar and attention seeker.

Jessi Smiles Calls Out Gabbie Hanna

When Jessi was going through a hard time after her rape, she says Gabbie Hanna said she was lying and doing this to manipulate.

Meanwhile, Jen Dent gets triggered and starts digging up on dirt from Gabbie Hanna’s past.

Jen Dent who is the ‘Jen’ Gabbie mentioned in the following tweet.

Jen is not staying quiet though as she speaks up,

Gabbie treated me like a peasant from day one. She made Jessi stop talking to me. Then Alx. She was rude as fuck to me in person. She would constantly comment on my vines with her real account, her side account, & then she trolled me. So yeah. I been talking about it a long time.

She posts an old Gabbie vine where she is making a racist joke.

She also finds other old tweets of Gabbie Hanna in response to the part in her video that asks people to find the tweets where she has asked people to find tweets where she tries to stir up drama.

Back to Jessi Smiles, a fan of hers posted an entire cut of all tweets with Gabbie from an old account Gabbie addressed in her tweets.

According to these, the article was posted and read by Gabbie who was subtweeting about it. However, in the video, she says she deleted her tweet cause she did not know the context. But, not only did Gabbie Hanna delete that tweet but, deleted her entire conversation with the fan of Jessi Smiles who was defending her at the time.

Jessi shuts ‘The Gabbie Show’ down for saying she did not talk to her in DMs.

In a tweet, Gabbie says that she has tried several times to reach out to both Jessi Smiles and Alx James. It may be important to note here that Alx James has already shared screenshots of himself trying to reach out to Gabbie.

Now, Jessi has also shared an entire screen recording of her trying to reach out to Gabbie.
So, it seems that Gabbie Hanna may still not be out of the dirt as she refuses to post any proofs or facts. Meanwhile, Jessi Smiles and the other people involved in drama with the YouTuber, are always up to post proofs. Could this mean that despite her words, Gabbie Hanna has something to hide?

Jessi Smiles says she will make a video to address the entire thing with full context.

Through all of this, we think the Gabbie Hanna and Jessi Smiles drama that started 7 months ago, is finally going to come to an end. Jessi says she will be making a video in full context to address the entire situation.

Let’s see what happens next in the Gabbie Hanna Jessi Smiles drama.

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