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Gabbie Hanna hide and seek game with boyfriend turns sour

Gabbie Hanna has a boyfriend. Well, now there’s something we’ve all heard quite a lot. Her relationship with Payton Saxon is all over all of her social media accounts. Be it tweeting about him, Instagramming their moments or even just putting out a lazy Snapchat in bed. You name it, Gabbie has done it. In Quarantine, while we all lock ourselves up in our rooms, there is not much to do. So what does Gabbie Hanna do when she has no place to go? She plays hide and seek with her boyfriend of course! The two are in Quarantine together and a literally inseparable. Well, not that they have a choice now anyway. However, it did not take long for their hide and seek game to become hide and rest.

Gabbie Hanna’s boyfriend forgets to look for her

So, as it is Gabbie’s turn to hide, she opts for the closet to hide in. But, it seems like that is too hard of a place to find Gabbie as Payton gives up on looking for her in just a minute of not finding her. Weird. She adds in her tweet that she was sitting in there for over 20 minutes. Hopefully, that is just an exaggeration. She also adds this one particularly curious part,

Wow here I was thinking my boyfriend loved me…

Although this is not the first time Gabbie has said something like that. She also mentioned testing Payton to see if he notices her sneaking.

i have a bathroom at the back of my house no one uses that i disappear into when i don’t want my boyfriend to hear me in there and i wonder if he notices

Why would you do that, Gabbie? It’s like she is looking for reasons to self destruct. A few days ago even she tweeted about being single over towels.

my boyfriend just wiped coffee off the floor with one of my decorative towels so i’m single now

That really does seem like it’s a tad bit of an overreaction even for Gabbie Hanna. But, since 2020 has come with little to no good news, we do hope this does not turn serious either. It was probably just a joke. Although, it is understandable that being Quarantined together can become frustrating.

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