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Gabbie Hanna gushes on her boyfriend

Youtuber Gabbie Hanna is an influencer that no one is a stranger to. She has had her fair share of the public eye. However, as most of you may know the Butterflies singer has found herself a man. We all know how she has struggled with relationships over the course of her life. To see her bubbly and happy with her boyfriend is so nice. Gabbie Hanna is a woman of many traits and talents. However, she has spent a lot of time struggling with her mental health issues to actually look at the bright side. Now, she’s living her best life with the support of lovely boyfriend, Payton Saxon.

Gabbie Hanna can’t get enough of Payton Saxon

So, ever since Gabbie Hanna got together with boyfriend Payton Saxon, there has been a significant change in her. A good one. She has struggled with anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health issues. She’s openly discussed them several times on her YouTube channel. However, since her relationship with Payton Saxon was confirmed, August 2019, she seems a lot more stable and healthier.

With the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2), many people are going into self-isolation. So, Gabbie Hanna is also doing that. She has set up a home gym and everything! But, with staying in comes idle time. Gabbie spends it adoring and gushing over boyfriend, Payton Saxon.

Gabbie Hanna Gushes Over Boyfriend

She’s starting her Quarantine mornings laying in bed snuggled up with Payton.

Gabbie Hanna then jokes about her own closeness to Payton comparing their time to a duck and a baby duck. Ever so clingy is the baby duck. It is adorable though.

Gabbie gushes over boyfriend

Tn the Instagram story, she posts her entire daily routine with her boyfriend. She then even shows off that Payton is a comic book genius.

Gabbie Hanna gushes over boyfriend

In November, as people said she ‘shows off’ her relationship too much, Gabbie shut them down in an Instagram Post.

listen ya’ll. i get it. YOU GET IT, i have a boyfriend. and i’m truly sorry for all the bf spam. but i’ve never, even before i was “on” social media, been open and public about who i was dating. but i just can’t fuckin help it. i’ve never been with someone that made me scream from the rooftops about him. and i met that person. so this is me, screaming. I HAVE 28 YEARS OF BEING PUBLICLY SINGLE TO MAKE UP FOR LET ME BE HAPPY PLZ. lmao 😂

We feel that Gabbie has never seemed happier.

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