Gabbie Hanna feuding with Trisha Paytas has led Trisha to seek professional help

The feud between Gabbie Hanna and Trisha Paytas has been nothing new but lately, it has gotten to an extreme level. Gabbie Hannah is currently calling out all those who she thinks did her wrong on social media. However, what she is calling ‘defending herself’ has become an abusive attack towards Trisha Paytas who has repeatedly asked Gabbie to stop due to their mental health problems.

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What Gabbie Hanna was saying about Trisha Paytas

Gabbie Hanna doesn’t appreciate anyone criticizing her art and singing abilities. So, she usually calls them out as soon as she finds out. Something we saw happen with her feud with Rachel Oates. Now, she was calling out Trisha Paytas as well for not liking her singing:

Moreover, Gabbie says that Trisha criticized her music so she could do the same to her:

Gabbie maintains that the two were friends but Trisha disagrees

And then there was a disagreement for both of them when Gabbie said that they were good friends and that she was invited to Thanksgiving dinner by Trisha. This was something brought up in their podcast together too.

She also corrected herself by referring to Trisha Paytas as ‘they’ since Trisha officially changed their pronouns. Gabbie said she made the mistake because of her ADHD.

In all of the tweets made against Trisha, Gabbie Hanna is stating that she just wants to make it known that she was good friends with Trisha Paytas. She says she is clearing the ‘false’ narratives set by Trisha and wants the world to know what was really happening behind the scenes.

Gabbie Hanna also revealed that she was going to release a docuseries that will help paint a picture on the truth of what really happened. She also said that Trisha was a much different person compared to when they were on the podcast with her. Gabbie said she wanted to move on from their feud too but Trisha made videos about Gabbie that painted Gabbie in a false light.

Now, Trisha Paytas was making a plea for Gabbie Hanna to stop

Trisha Paytas explained that they kept trying to explain to Gabbie that certain scenarios and narratives that Gabbie thought were real weren’t actually true. They explained how Gabbie herself admitted to this in voice memos that she sent to Trisha after the podcast episode aired. Moreover, Paytas made a plea to Gabbie to stop because the back-and-forth feud was causing their schizophrenia to get worse.

Trisha Paytas shared that ‘creating false narratives’ is incredibly damaging for anyone’s mental health:

Creating false reality for anyone is damaging but creating a false reality and trying to convince someone that stuff happened (that didn’t) to someone who is very open about being mentally ill for years is the most dangerous thing in the world

Trisha also explained how they were willing to forgive Gabbie for telling their then boyfriend Jason Nash about a false rumor that they had herpes. But what Gabbie was doing now was crossing a line:

They also explained how this current feud has activated their suicidal thoughts gaining more weight in their minds:

The suicidal voices (or demon voices as I call them/ intrusive thoughts other people call them) were so loud , I had to block off the upstairs so I wouldn’t jump out a window like I thought freakin God himself was telling me

Paytas’ says they are not feeling mentally okay at all

Trisha Paytas also urged everyone to not share anything related to Gabbie Hanna to them because it’s gotten to an extreme point:

Please do not send me anything Gabbie related. Please. I left the studio to talk to someone today. It’s the most triggering thing in the world to even see her face. Just stop. I’m stopping. Publicly privately I want nothing to do with her

Their last tweet talked about how they were logging off the internet and seeking professional help (CGT: Complicated Grief Treatment) as they were concerned about their mental health:

Hopefully, their feud with Gabbie Hanna will end as they have been repeatedly asked for her to end this.

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