Gabbie Hanna exposes Spectrum

Gabbie Hanna has a lot of time on her hands these days. She is putting out every part of a day on her social media. Be it a game of hide and seek with her boyfriend or sneaking to her bathroom, it’s all right there on her social media. Enduring Quarantine is not easy for her clearly. Because she does not have enough content for her regular drama. Anyway, recently Gabbie had a little bit of an argument with Spectrum. Spectrum is a TV cable and internet provider working all over the United States. She tweets an entire thread exposing spectrum with their recent poor response.

Gabbie Hanna deleted the twitter thread for some reason but, here’s a youtube channel that recorded her Instagram story.

What Gabbie Hanna has to say about Spectrum

so @GetSpectrum (do NOT) get spectrum btw) just gaslighted next and lied to me for legit like… an hour, and got caught, with receipts. they didn’t know i was talking on the phone and online so i guess that didn’t have time to make sure the story was the same.

Gabbie holds a grudge against Spectrum as she tweets about their poor service. And when a fan says they understand that Spectrum has speed issues, she says that is not the problem.

it’s not that i’m mad about, they were coming to fix it, and that’s fine. but the story behind what happened TODAY, being told something never happened even tho i have receipts and proof it did… that’s what set me off. not slow internet.

She also said that she did not mind the inconvenience they caused but the fact that they made her feel stupid.

i’m okay with mistakes and inconveniences, but don’t you dare try to make your customers feel crazy when you fuck up. i can’t believe that amount of manipulation i just experienced from @GetSpectrum and you WILL be getting all the details… as soon as i have INTERNET TO UPLOAD.

Well, maybe Gabbie Hanna is still waiting for the speed problem to be fixed. But, here’s another possible storytime coming as Gabbie Hanna exposes Spectrum.

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