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Gabbie Hanna EP Bad Karma Full Review

If there is one thing we love about Gabbie Hanna, it is her music. And her new EP Bad Karma is every bit dripping with drama as is her life. The entire EP is meant to be about betrayal, lies, revenge, etc. and we certify that it delivers. The 5 song album is all about the bad-ass attitude that comes with being the center of negative attention. We have a lot of reservations about the EP and its relation with Gabbie’s latest video that explains all the drama around her these days. However, since she has made it clear that the songs on her EP are not about that, we will try to steer clear of that.

Gabbie Hanna Bad Karma Review.

Without further ado, here is our review of the songs on Gabbie Hanna’s new EP Bad Karma.

1) Glass House.

This song is a chilling start as it is. The song perfectly sets the tone for the entire song. As Gabbie has explained before, this EP is all about the lies, betrayal, and revenge, this song can easily pass off as a creeper that would have you looking deep into your soul for everything wrong you may have ever done. Too much? Oh, we are just getting started! The ending lyrics surely put things into perspective. The message is clear to watch your back as red refers to blood and it may interpret how the YouTuber is out for blood.

All you see is black and white
All I see is red

2) Bad Karma.

This song is a change of pace from Gabbie’s usual music. Well, guess we can say that about the entire EP. The song is no third-degree open to interpretation thing as it calls out those it is directed at with the first lyric, ‘skeletons in my closet’. The song basically refers to all those who have done wrong to Gabbie Hanna calling them her Bad Karma. So, according to her, she has got payback for all the wrong she has done over the years. On a happier note, you guys can look forward to the Bad Karma Music Video in the coming day or two! Better keep those channel notifications on! We especially like how direct Gabbie is in calling out the people she is addressing in the song’s bridge.

You have a hunger for disaster
But you’ll never get your fill
If by bringing someone down
You thought that you’d feel better
Then why are you so unhappy still?

3) Special

To say this song is a refreshing reminder of what the Gabbie Hanna brand is all about would not be wrong. The song is a sweet rendition of all the music she has released before. Be it the passive-aggressive Butterflies, the soulful Satellite, or the beat and broke Monster. Special seems to pay homage to all these songs keeping it on a lighter tone with Special. The song addresses the journey of realization from believing you are not worth anything to then realize you must be worth so much for a person to work so hard on making you believe the former. And, we have to admit, it’s lyrics make it our favorite Gabbie Hanna song on the Bad Karma EP.

I wanna be special
But I don’t know if it’s worth all of this stress
You don’t know my struggle
‘Cause I don’t tell it
If I did, I really don’t think you’d be bothered to hear it, anyway.

4) Dandelion.

Dandelion is the first single off the EP. This song is all about becoming what you believe in as a kid. I think the song turns the emotions of being an outcast perfectly into a metaphor. And no matter what anyone says, the important part is to accept yourself for who you are and what you love. The song also shows just how evolved Gabbie Hanna is in her Bad Karna EP.

I still loved those mellow yellow petals anyway
What’s that thing they say about a rose by any other name?
Then my fragile flower turned into a ball of grey
So, I took a breath and made a wish and blew them all away.

5) Happy.

Who would’ve thought we would see the day we hear Gabbie sing a love song? Never took her for someone who would sing a song with the do-do-do and the ooh-ooh works. But trust us, if you half a significant other, this song will make you want to hug them so tight! The song has everything. And it is the cutest ode to her boyfriend Payton Saxon. The sweetest wrap up by Gabbie Hanna to her Bad Karma EP. To be honest, though, the only thing in the song that screams Gabbie Hanna is this part in the Chorus.

You make me way too, way too fucking happy
I’m tryna find the way to say this nicely
But can’t I just go back to bein’ sad, please?
I’m antsy
I’m too happy

We’re so happy that Gabbie is happy. The EP is an evolution. And we have only the nicest things to say about it. Give it a listen on Spotify now! It’s totally worth it.

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