Gabbie Hanna Deletes Social Media – Internet Reacts!

YouTuber and Influencer, Gabbie Hanna seems like she has had enough. While the last few weeks have not been easy on her, we feel she just hit rock bottom. The Bad Karma singer has had quite a lot on her shoulders recently. Most of the drama where she tries to clear her name only seems to come back to haunt her. But… this most recent action of hers has us doubting, did the internet take it too far? It seems that just two hours ago, Gabbie Hanna deleted her social media. Well, either that or she has deactivated it. Whatever the case, the internet has mixed feelings about it.

Just yesterday, Gabbie Hanna deleted her videos with Shane Dawson. And if that wasn’t enough, there are a lot of speculations going around now.

P.S. We hope nothing bad has happened to the YouTuber.

The Internet Reacts to Gabbie Hanna Deleting her Social Media.

So, the first thing to come up is that the social media deactivation of Jeffree Star‘s claim about having dirt on everyone. This Twitter account found a clear connection.

This Spill The Tea account on Twitter believes that Jeffree took down Gabbie Hanna’s social media.

Meanwhile. Gabbie stans are worried about the situation.

Something bad is happening

However, there are also those who freaked out and believe she has blocked them.

This one is clearly a tweet from a Gabbie Hanna hater who believes that Twitter is now a great place after she has deleted her social media.

There is also this tweet from a stan who claims to know ‘inside sources’.

Crystal ball Gabbie Hanna deletes all social media Crystal ball

An inside source has confirmed Gabbie is OKAY & may be uploading a podcast today. That’s all I can say for now. ♡︎

Gabbie Hanna’s Instagram followers seem to not have gotten word of her disappearance from social media as it would mean a lot to them. Or maybe they have joined forces on Twitter to express their dismay. Anyway, if she is uploading a podcast today, we believe we will get to the bottom of why she just went to delete her social media. Was it really a Jeffree Star Threat impact or a decision to do some cleansing?

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