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Gabbie Hanna’s Dandelion is Out – A Breakdown!

The wait is over! All through these last few months, Gabbie Hanna fans have awaited new music from her. Especially since the start of Quarantine due to COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Fans have been all over social media; asking and waiting. Since 2WAYMIRROR came out almost 10 months ago, the release is overdue. Luckily for us, Gabbie, 2 weeks ago, told us a new track is on its way. Not only that but her new book and more music, too. An EP! But, as she announced the track Dandelion, fans started countdowns. And now, it is finally here. The video came out the same day i.e. 17th April. And once again, we are reminded of why we love Gabbie Hanna and her music. Get the song here.

Gabbie Hanna Dandelion

Gabbie Hanna Dandelion – Breakdown

So, the beat is definitely not the usual Gabbie Hanna beat. But, it is a refreshing and welcome change. And as always, there’s always a message behind Gabbie Hanna’s music. So, let us try to decipher it.

Verse 1

When I was a little girl, my mama said to me
“What’s your favorite flower, darling? I’ll get you the seed.”
I said “Dandelion, Dandelion,” that one’s so pretty
She said, “Child, that one’s not a flower, that one’s just a weed.”

So, this seems simple enough. A little girl probably does not like the normal things like everyone else. Her choices are considered odd, and not relatable. A flower is obviously what everyone desires. While a weed is just considered a worthless burden meant to extract.


Oh, what a shame
Now it don’t look the same
Guess it don’t look the same
Oh, what a shame

I think this part refers to how now, it is so different. Because the thing her mother said was a weed, is what Gabbie Hanna relates to most. Thus, she is not the flower she was expected to turn out to be. Oh her music gets us all wound up!

Verse 2:

I still love those mellow yellow petals anyway
What’s that thing they say about a rose by any other name?
Then my fragile flower turned into a ball of grey
So I took a breath and made a wish and blew them all away

Gabbie Hanna, through her music, wishes to make people realize, in spite of whatever the world may feel towards her, she is not giving up on herself. She still loves herself enough to keep growing. She will keep improving by ‘blowing away’ all the negativity and intoxications from her life.

The last lyric goes;

So I took a breath and made a wish and blew them all away

Gabbie is making her mark and shoving everything that is not good for her away. And that is her way of feeling good about herself. Again, implying that Karma will make its way to those deserving, on its own.

The Chorus

Call me what you want
(Dandelion, Dandelion)
You can’t stop me multiplyin’
Pull me from the dirt
(Dandelion, Dandelion)
No you don’t want me in your garden
Dandelion, Dandelion
Dandelion, Dandelion
(Dandelion, Dandelion)

Okay so, this targets more on how everyone wants to have an opinion. Irrespective of the fact that the dandelion is a weed, it always continues to grow and multiply. So, in her music, Gabbie Hanna compares herself to a Dandelion. The YouTuber is always involved in one drama or another media gossip. Nobody really wants to keep her. Everyone just wants to use her for the way her name spreads.

That – is very extreme. I mean, I wasn’t expecting the song to be so expressive. Gabbie Hanna is a Genius when it comes to writing her music. Maybe her chords could have been better but, the track is amazing!

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