Gabbie Hanna Cursed? The Shocking Truth!

So, YouTubers today are no strangers to controversy. Be it beauty gurus like Jeffree Star or musicians like Gabbie Hanna, they all have their controversies. However, the one difference between Gabbie and the others is that in the past, most of her controversies stemmed from her storytime videos. So basically, it is Gabbie herself making the controversies. And it seems like old habits die hard. In a recent Instagram story, Gabbie Hanna mentions to her fans that she is cursed. And so, in the next story video, she said that she would make a whole video on how she is cursed. About two days in, she posts a video eating a sandwich.

Spoiler Alert: There is actually no real talk of her being cursed. She mostly talks about how different life is now.

Gabbie Hanna talks about being cursed among other things

So, the video that is supposed to be all about being cursed, is actually a video of Gabbie Hanna talking about everything in her life there is. She does mention being cursed some part later in the video.

(There are things like) Hiring someone with incredible reviews but I’m the one person that they do terrible things.

Before this, Gabbie Hanna mentions that people around her ask her all the time how unreal the things that happen to her are.

I’ve had two different assistants, my best friend Irene, my boyfriend, my managers. Every body is just like, ‘This is truly unreal!’

She goes on to talk about the day her book and song, Dandelion were meant to come out but they had a terrible hold up because while every other webpage streamed her song, Spotify just could not. And Gabbie Hanna believes this to be one of the clearer signs of her curse.

You can watch the whole video to hear all about her quarantine days, diet, and music release! Speaking of music release, Bad Karma is available for pre-save, now!

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