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Gabbie Hanna Creating Controversy for Herself?

Too often, we come across people who are very much used to having drama and controversy around them. For someone like Gabbie Hanna, she is someone who has a thing with everyone she comes across. From her Uber drivers to her pathological liar of a boyfriend, Gabbie is used to strange weird encounters. So, it is not surprising that she would have self-destructive tendencies. The whole Gabbie Hanna brand is about the drama that comes with her name. If most of you remember, when Adultolescence came out, there was a whole thing over people saying Gabbie has a ghostwriter. And with the recent isolation due to the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) outbreak, everyone is bored and stuck at their homes. So, in a recent tweet, Gabbie shades herself replying to Cancelled podcast host sharing some deep thoughts.

Gabbie Hanna shades herself through The Cancelled podcast host

Seems like life is going pretty well for the YouTuber/Singer/Writer. Gabbie is doing so well for herself after her 2017 glow up and with boyfriend, Payton Saxon. However, it may seem that Gabbie is not done bringing herself down. She may have some self-destructive tendencies which she even shades herself about in a video over a year ago.

So, when Cancelled podcast host posts a tweet talking about how she wants to find the neutral among the people, Gabbie Hanna can’t help but make it about herself. She quotes the tweet by shading herself and says

r u ghostwriting my next poetry book?

Then, as a fan responds to her tweet saying;

Gabbie is all charged up and seems ready to create drama out of the situation saying;

i tweeter that about overpacking and underpacking, it’s a VERY me thing to say lmao

So, is Gabbie implying that Cancelled podcast host is stealing her tweet? Or her idea? Well, that is unlikely as Gabbie and Cancelled podcast host are known to be good friends. You never know what underlies the very complex Gabbie’s thought process. But we know one thing for sure, Gabbie Hanna’s self-quarantine is more than just Payton now. We do hope she publishes that second poetry book soon though! Or maybe release some new music soon.

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