Gabbie Hanna Celebrates Anniversary with Boyfriend!

The last year has surely been a roller coaster for YouTuber, Poet, and Musician Gabbie Hanna. The woman has had a lot of drama, and success with her personal growth. However, one of the bigger things to happen for the Bad Karma singer over the last year would be Payton Saxon. Gabbie Hanna first showed off her boyfriend earlier this year and we’ve seen a lot of him since. The two spent the lock down time of the 2020 World Health Pandemic in quarantine together. And now it wouldn’t be wrong to say they’re inseparable. So much that during the month of June, when Gabbie was going through her social media feuds, he was right there defending her every step of the way. Now, she is celebrating her one year anniversary with him and it is adorable!

Gabbie Hanna posts heartwarming poem for anniversary with boyfriend.

On the 23rd of August, the Dandelion author was overwhelmed by her bond with Payton. To show her followers just how right he felt from the start, she shares a poem. This is one she wrote after her second date with him. The poem is all about how things seem new and unfamiliar at the time but she knows that with time, it’s gonna work out. Gabbie Hanna really puts her unfiltered thoughts about her now boyfriend in the words. Comparing him to the neighborhood she’s just moved in, she’s uncertain of what is to come. The entire thing is just adorable to read.

Fans were all over the place reading the poem and rightfully so. Stans aside, anyone could relate to it. We believe that it is a piece added in her new book, Dandelion. Gabbie has never really had a long term relationship before this. More so, not one that she made this public. It seems like Payton Saxon might be the one for Gabbie Hanna, even if they are just boyfriend girlfriend right now.

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