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Gabbie Hanna caught naked by her ‘pool guy’

Gabbie Hanna has quite an entertaining life. She always has one thing or another happening. Well, that should be obvious considering she built her YouTube fanbase though her infamous Storytime videos. It is always one crazy absurd experience or another with Gabbie. A few weeks ago, the 29-year-old influencer and singer said her Quarantine time is just a whole big storytime video. Something totally crazy happens every day. In a recent tweet, Gabbie Hanna reveals that she lay naked in her yard. Not only that but, her pool cleaning guy, actually saw her this time.

Gabbie Hanna caught naked by her ‘pool guy’

Well, that was a piece of information we could have lived without. Gabbie Hanna posts a picture of her horrified self and her now weirdly normal, half nude self. The Youtuber had the transformation of the century when she lost weight in 2017. Gone was the insecure fat girl and in her place, a woman not afraid to show off her body. Although, the somewhat insecure part is still around.

We cannot ignore the fact that ever since her weight loss, her minimal dressing has turned her Instagram page into barely Community Safe. To be honest, even this post seems a tad bit overdramatic. Considering the fact that she is an influencer, she must have a door to her house – at least. She should have to open the door for anyone who comes by. Gabbie Hanna just hanging out naked in her back yard and a random person walking in seems highly unlikely. Well, her fans sure seem to be having a good time with her posts so, I guess all is well. We cannot wait for the next shockingly entertaining experience Gabbie has.

Till then, you can stream her latest song, Dandelion online now!

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