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Gabbie Hanna called out by mental health professionals for misusing words like ‘gaslighting’ & ‘narcissism’

Gabbie Hanna was recently called out by mental health professionals for misusing words like 'gaslighting' and 'narcissism'.

Gabbie Hanna was called out by a mental health professional recently, as they accused the singer of misusing words like ‘gaslighting’ and ‘narcissism’.

Gabbie Hanna is famous for her videos, her songs, and her show called The Gabbie Show. She rose to fame in 2013 when she was creating vines and then, made a YouTube channel in 2014 and skyrocketed to fame overtime. However, she is not always considered a very credible YouTuber.

If we are being honest, Gabbie is not taken seriously by many people, with many viewers consider her “annoying”. However, looking at the size of her account and her following, she does have fans and no one can doubt that. And with such following, people want her to comment more responsibly. As a result, people have called out Gabbie Hanna several times on various platforms. But this time, it’s mental health professionals calling her out.

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Gabbie Hanna frequent use of the terms ‘bullying’ and ‘gaslighting’

Gabbie Hanna called out by mental health professionals for misusing words like 'gaslighting' & 'narcissism'

Gabbie Hanna recently posted a video on YouTube, explaining what really went down with Joey Graceffa and Daniel Prada. She was cast in one of the series that was produced by the YouTubers, but on set, she claims they treated her quite badly, accusing them of bullying and was unsatisfied with how the producers handled things. She said in her video that she was made a mockery of by people she thought were her friends.

As we all know that Gabbie also writes poetry and she has received criticism on it as well. As a response to the criticism, Gabbie claimed that her critics were ‘gaslighting’ her. These are just two of many incidents that we have mentioned here. Gabbie Hanna uses words like ‘bullying’, ‘narcissism, and ‘gaslighting’ every day in passing to issues which seem quite trivial in nature. And mental health professionals could no longer turn a blind eye towards that.

Mental Health Professionals call her out

A therapist named Mickey Atkins recently posted a video in which she called out Gabbie for using the words bullying, narcissism, and gaslighting quite casually. She said that Gabbie Hanna cannot use these words just because someone did not like her poetry and criticized it. The mental health professional encouraged Gabbie to use the proper terminology. She said that it is not ideal for Gabbie to throw these words out so casually. Atkins instead said that Gabbie could say her critics are wrong, or unintelligent, or it hurt her feelings. But, when she starts using these sensitive terms, it presents the following issues:

A. You’re not getting your point across appropriately
B. These are terms that were invented for use in mental health and clinical environments and its not ideal for us to be throwing them around lineantly.

Atkins further specified she has no beef with Gabbie Hanna and just wants to use this occasion as an opportuity to educate people. You can watch her full video below:

Gabbie Hanna

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