Gabbie Hanna is Awe of Trisha Paytas’ Body Transformation

Trisha Paytas did a water diet and has shared her body transformation with everybody and Gabbie Hannah is in total awe of it.

T he popular YouTuber Trisha Paytas has decided to take fitness seriously. The vlogger went on a total water diet for five days, and has shared her experience with everybody. But apart from instructing how she did it, Trisha has also been careful to inform her followers of the pros and cons. Not just that, but she has shared numerous pictures of her body transformation so that people can make a fair judgment.

Looks like other YouTubers are heavily impressed by Trisha’s transformation. The popular YouTuber Gabbie Hanna who is also prominent as the Gabbie Show has commented on Trisha’s transformation; she is apparently in complete awe of it.

Trisha Shares Her Water Diet Experience

Trisha took to Instagram to update followers about her latest video. The new vlog which is up on her YouTube channel has recorded her five day water diet including all the every day struggles and benefits. But in her Instagram post, Trisha has given followers an insight into how the water diet works and what might be its possible effects including feedback on how people consider it dangerous. Alongside the details, Trisha has shared a few pictures from before and after her diet to visually depict the body transformation one can achieve through it.

Trisha Paytas added in the caption that water fasting for a few days is completely safe. Not only that, but it also necessary sometimes. Apparently, doing this kind of a fast can reset your DNA and also develop new stem cells, muscle cells and immune cells. After observing this water diet for five days, the body becomes an efficient fat burning machine. Another thing that comes along after the five days is that your brain starts using ketones and the body starts to feel better. Trisha also added how this water diet was also observed by our ancestors when they went to search for food.

Through the pictures, the body transformation and weight loss that Paytas achieved is pretty evident.

Gabbie Hanna Appreciates Trisha Paytas’ Body Transformation

Although Trisha Paytas has received a lot of backlash from people underneath her post, other YouTuber have expressed their appreciation. Gabbie Hanna commented on the post, saying that although people were focusing on her slim stomach, she was more interested in those arm results. She expressed total awe at her body transformation. Yet, Trisha still faced some controversy over spreading this change in her lifestyle.

Some people slammed Trisha for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Others, who were skeptical, claimed that she had photoshopped the results. But Trisha decided to upload more videos to challenge all such notions.

Trisha Paytas is an American YouTuber and media personality. Paytas became a stripper and began acting on the side, primarily as an extra. Popular works include Double Divas, Wanderlust, and Celebrity Big Brother. She recently got into a huge drama with Jason Nash and David Dobrik which she later resolved.

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