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Gabbie Hanna Apology For Old Pedophilia Joke Backfired

Gabbie Hanna’s old tweet on pedophilia & her apology

It’s making everyone uncomfortable to read that tweet from 9 years back. However, people have found it and Gabbie Hanna had no option other than to apologize publically.

Gabbie Hanna Pedophilia

The joke was definitely created by someone, not in their right mind. The 20-year-old Gabbie Hanna, at that time, “stole” the joke and shared it as her tweet. However, now that it’s all over Twitter and people are canceling her, Gabbie confessed to stealing it, asked for forgiveness, and issued an apology statement.

Gabbie Hanna

Twitter has two groups now

Whenever a celebrity says something controversial. Or asks for forgiveness over something controversial, and the internet gets divided into two teams. One in favor and one against it. Similarly, the Gabbie show host Gabbie Hanna is facing backlash over her apology. One group says she should be forgiven. As she is owning her fault instead of ignoring it. The other group says whether she owns it or not, it does not matter. What matters is she joked about pedophilia; blaming the children. And no one should be doing that at all.

Some have valid reasons to unfollow Gabbie.

People are also relating her Pedophilia joke to Jessi Smile’s rape and Gabbie’s response to it.

Some more tweets have resurfaced as well.

Is Gabbie Hanna really evolved and matured now? What are your thoughts? Please share your views in the comment section below.

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