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Friends reunion coming soon! Here's a promo video that will make you cry

Friends reunion coming soon! Here’s a promo video that will make you cry

All of us have seen “Friends”, Am I right? The very hit sitcom “Friends” is making a comeback. HBO Max is reuniting the amazing cast of Friends and it will be available on HBO Max shortly. YES, your dreams have come true because this reunion is finally happening. NO MORE WAIT.

Friends’ promo video releases

According to a press release, all the Friends‘ star are coming back for the reunion and all of them will be committed to giving fans a great experience. HBO Max released a promo video and people have gone MAD and everyone is so excited that the Friends cast is getting back together for the show. If you ask us, we think the show never really ended, THEY WERE JUST ON A BREAK GUYS!!

The very popular show’s reunion will start streaming on Thursday on HBO Max, 27th of MAY. The reunion will be called “The One Where They Get Back Together” and the promo video shows the cast getting back together on the sets of the show and just re-doing the previous scenes. David Schwimmer told Graham Norton in an interview that nothing is really scripted and they will not be in characters. But they will do some table reads for the fans.

Rumors have it that there will be some star guests as well. The list of celebrity guests include Lady Gaga. I mean, LADY F*CKING GAGA, who doesn’t love our pop queen. The list also includes Justin Bieber, Cindy Crawford, BTS, David Beckham, James Cordon and Resse Witherspoon (you might know her as the Rachel’s younger sister in friends and also the main star of Legally Blonde).

Jennifer shared the video of trailer on her Instagram and captioned is as:

I love my friends. Leaving it here

Fans have mixed feelings about the Reunion

Some fans like ME are so excited about this reunion because we’ll get to see our lovely stars on-screen again. The excitement is almost killing me honestly. I cannot wait another second let alone another WEEK? But some seem to think that like many other shows who had a reunion which turned out terrible, Friends reunion might also be terrible. But it’s a game of risk the cast is willing to play.

Are you as excited as us for the reunion?