Frenemies compares Chris D’Elia & Whitney Cummings Friendship to David Dobrik & Durte Dom

The Frenemies podcast, consisting of Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein, was at the forefront of calling out David Dobrik and his vlog squad’s problematic behavior. Paytas even did this long ago in 2018 when she broke up with vlog squad member and Dobrik’s best friend Jason Nash. When the Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis) rape incident came to light, Klein and Paytas talked about it intensively on their podcast. It definitely led to a lot of people calling for David Dobrik and his entire vlog squad to take accountability over what happened. They even brought on Jeff Wittek on the Frenemies podcast who opened up about the entire situation. Now, the Frenemies hosts are discussing Chris D’Elia’s case. In particular, his friendship with Whitney Cummings who Trisha Paytas believes knew about his D’Elia’s “creepy behavior” and chose to support him anyway.

Trisha Paytas thinks Whitney Cummings gave a platform to Chris D’Elia just as David Dobrik gave to Durte Dom

Everyone knows that David Dobrik created the vlog squad and it’s the reason the members of the group gained so much popularity as content creators themselves. However, some of the things that certain members did were problematic. Such as with Durte Dom’s behavior towards women. Before the serious rape allegation came to light, Durte Dom still had a past of being aggressive with women. In 2014, AH came out and shared her s*xual assault that she faced by Dom. She was the first one to openly speak up about her experience.

And this was just one of the incidents, many other girls including one underage girl also came out with their personal stories outlining the sexual assault they faced from Dom. This was behavior that David Dobrik and the whole group had an idea of. In fact, Durte Dom played the “character” of a misogynistic s*x crazed man who only wanted to sleep with women. Dobrik and the rest of the crew knew about this and continued to support him and his career. After Insider reported the rape incident by Dom, Dobrik, and others in the group such as Jeff Wittek, Natalie Noel and Carly, and Erin, issued statements condemning the action and saying that they no longer associate with Durte Dom. Many said that they had “no idea” about the serious assault case.

This is similar to what happened with Whitney Cummings and Chris D’Elia, as per Trisha Paytas. D’elia was a stand-up comedian for a long time but he became more popular when Cummings created the show ‘Whitney’ in 2011 and cast him as her boyfriend in the show. He was a leading male actor in the show that had a loyal following and it accelerated D’Elia’s career. She also supported him continuously before Chris D’Elia faced multiple sexual harassment allegations against him. D’Elia denied these allegations when they came out.

Trisha Paytas discussed how she could not understand why Cummings would always support D’Elia even though knowing about what he was.

So my issue was. I always had this thing with Whitney. She was like putting him [D’Elia] on a platform. Sort of like David with Dom, right. Like you see this person on a platform and you know how horrible they’ve been to with girls you know personally. And so it’s like that.


Trisha Paytas is referencing that incident when her own sister was approached by Chris D’Elia when she was just 18. Paytas’s sister Kalli Metz, was just 18 at the time and had a crush on D’Elia. Metz tweeted at him and got a personal DM from him. D’Elia was asking her to hang out with him but she realized that time was 8 PM and he was supposed to be at The Laugh Factory at 10 PM so she declined. Metz was of legal age but Paytas pointed out that she did look younger than 18 at the time so it was suspicious behavior.

Trisha Paytas says that his behavior was always “creepy”

In their recent podcast, Trisha Paytas explains to Ethan Klein that Chris D’Elia was always “a known creep” and he would be aggressive towards women. Even when women would clearly say no to his advances, D’Elia would still push for what he wanted.

Paytas says that she used to work in the stand-up comedy business as an assistant to some comedians. And in that circle, it was a known fact that Chris D’Elia shows creepy behavior.

I used to work in the comedy – like field. As far as being an assistant to them. Not like being a comedian. So you know this. Jamie Kennedy has like that same kind of reputation. There are stand-up comics that are like these. And people know it. Like obviously they know it. They can say they don’t but they obviously do.

Ethan Klein countered by saying that his friends (such as Whitney Cummings) would only know that he’s a “player” and likes to be like that with women. Klein says they would not have known about the extent of his predatory behavior. Klein further added that there’s a difference between “sleazy” and “predatory”. Chris D’Elia was only sleazy before the serious sexual harassment allegations against him came to light.

Whitney Cummings did condemn D’Elia’s actions

After a few days of the sexual harassment news about Chris D’Elia being out, Whitney Cummings did make a statement condemning his actions.

“It’s taken me a couple of days to process the information I have learned about Chris. I’m devastated and enraged by what I’ve read and learned. This is a pattern of predatory behavior. This abuse of power is enabled by silence. Now that I’m aware, I won’t be silent. Girls should be able to be a fan of a comedian they admire without becoming a sexual target. It’s the adult’s responsibility to be an adult.”

Cummings was not aware of D’Elia’s predatory behavior of harassing underage girls. When she found out, she stopped associating with him and no longer supports him. Trisha Paytas did acknowledge that and both her and Ethan Klein state that Whitney Cummings was a good person. But that Chris D’Elia was “most definitely not a good person”.

Paytas also explains how she was sent an official email to be on Cummings’ podcast and she accidentally declined due to her past with D’Elia and said that she regretted doing that.

Chris D’Elia has currently returned to his podcast. He made the return with his video ‘It’s been a while’ where he admitted to being a s*x addict. He’s also facing a legal lawsuit against him stating that he engaged in child p*rnogr*phy when he solicited n*de pictures from an underage girl. He was removed from the Netflix show and his talent agency, Creative Arts Agency, dropped him following these allegations.

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