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Frankie A. Rodriguez Throws Co-star Joe Serafini A Zoom Graduation Bash

Frankie A. Rodriguez Throws Co-star Joe Serafini A Zoom Graduation Bash

The lethal coronavirus outbreak may have ceased TV and film production globally, but artists remain connected with peers and audiences. Zoom video calls have filled in for live human interactions, and now everything, from work to graduations is taking place over screens. Despite all accommodations, it can not be denied that the batch of 2020 is being discriminated against due to the coronavirus. With no formal classes in the last semester and no opulent graduation ceremonies that students have looked forward to for 4 years, a college education does seem a sham. But High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Frankie A. Rodriguez made arrangements to make his co-star Joe Serafini’s graduation as fancy as it could be. He threw his on-screen romance a zoom graduation bash that left Serafini elated.

Frankie A. Rodriguez Organizes A Zoom Graduation Party For Co-star Joe Serafini

Frankie A. Rodriguez, who plays Carlos Rodriguez on the jarring Olivia Rodriguez, Joshua Bassett starrer organized a surprise graduation party for dear friend Joe Serafini. Inviting Serafini’s friends and family over Zoom, the High School Musical: The Musical The Series actor made Serafini don a trencher and join the video call. Joe Serafini was awestruck and overwhelmed by the gesture. The actor posted about Rodriguez’s surprise, thanking him for going all the way to make his graduation special.

After the tweet, fans flooded Serafini with congratulatory messages.

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series had scored a season  2 renewal last October, ahead of its premiere. While filming was still underway, the crew had to halt pre-production due to the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, the show’s stars Olivia Rodriguez, Joshua Bassett, Matt Cornett, Dara Renee. , Julia Lester, Sofia Wylie, and Larry Staperstein are making the most out of their time at home. The actors are honing their vocal finesse, and will soon perform at Disney’s Second Online Sing-Along.