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FouseyTube Is Finally Performing After One Year

Yousef Erakat, stage name: FouseyTube, is an American vlogger, comedian, YouTuber and a rapper. Fousey was famous for his prank videos. However, with the passage of time, people started to lose their trust on him because his prank videos were fake. All the drama and feuds he had with other YouTubers were also reported to be fake. So, Fousey took a long break from YouTube and now he is finally performing again. FouseyTube is performing after one year on stage in a couple of days i.e. on 28th July.

FouseyTube Promotes His Show

Yousef Erakat is trying his level best to gain back the trust he lost. He confessed he mistreated his channel all those years.

I really mistreated my current channel over the years. a lot of mistakes. might be time to start fresh. asking YouTubers for advice at the moment.

Fousey is also promoting his show by going out in public and meeting random people.  But, that’s it. He is promoting his event and asking people to come and watch his show. He is not giving away tickets to them. In his own words, he confessed he is too dumb and forgot the tickets.

Why FouseyTube Quit?

If you have been following FouseyTube and his YouTube Channels, you know that it was not the first time he said he is quitting. Even now, people believe that he will quit again just like he used to do back in the days. Fousey fell into the background after it was stolen by Jake and Logan Paul. In 2018, the YouTube community started to get worried because of Fousey’s behavior. His mental health issues were not secret and rumors were he was off his medications. Fousey got more irrational in his interviews and videos.

Fousey also misled his fans by saying he is throwing a free concert and Drake will be a part of it. The show was planned in a week and main theme behind it was to end racism.The event was publicized a lot and it was kind of a big deal at that time. The event was happening on July 15, 2018. When the day arrived, Fousey said that Drake will only show up if the live streamers’ number hits 2 million. Popular YouTubers like Keemstar, Faze Banks and Faze Rugs were there as well. No big celebrity appeared and the event was broken up after someone called in a fake bomb threat.

Getting Back Into The Spotlight | For All The Wrong Reasons & The Right Ones

After everything did not go as planned, Drake got to know what happened and he confirmed that he never met FouseyTube. In fact, he never heard of him till that false event broke apart. Keemstar also shared a behind-the-scenes video which proved Fousey had a mental breakdown at the event. All was planned just to promote his new music video and the way he did it, Keemstar did not appreciate it.

Fousey ended up deleting all his content and confirmed he is quitting. He was open about his issues including addiction, depression and bipolar disorder. In January 2019, Yousef Erakat came forward with an explanation of his manic episode and long social media absence in an Instagram post. However, it is deleted now. We hope that all his mental health related issues are solved now and he gets to enjoy the road to recovery.