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Foster the People's new song 'Lamb's Wool' is about losing a loved one

Foster the People’s new song ‘Lamb’s Wool’ is about losing a loved one

Foster the People has entered into a brand new era in their musical career. They seem to be delving deep into the psychedelic electro-pop genre and experimenting with new styles. Recently, they released a new song, ‘Lamb’s Wool’.

What’s Lamb’s Wool is about?

As per Mark Foster, ‘Lamb’s Wool’ is about the heartache you feel when you lose a loved one. Although the whole album is about looking at love through every lens. Whether it be romantic love, platonic love, and familial love.

Mark Foster explains to American Songwriter,

“I think this EP is really a reflection of everything Foster The People has touched on sonically from the beginning. It spans genres, pulls from different areas of music. The songs, lyrically – it was important for me to be really authentic. Love is arguably the most powerful thing on earth. All these songs are about a different facet of love.”

In particular, Lamb’s wool is about a bond you have with someone who no longer is on this earth. For Mark Foster, it was about losing his uncle.

When I’m quiet on the other side
Know that I am loving you, that’s all I do
Is keep loving you
You’re fine my love, never mind ’cause I’m here
I keep laughing to myself

The lyrical genius resonates with anyone who has ever lost someone close to them to death:

Float into the endless night
Dust cradles our names
And all the things we ever cared for
To run again without the pain
To love you without being afraid

Foster the People combines the best elements of their music in this new song. There is comfort in Mark Foster’s voice as it seamlessly blends into the rhythmic beats. It’s a reflective song that will transport you into cathartic emotions with the lyrics:
To fall into the flowers bloom, of the other side

Check out the music video

Lamb's wool

What do you guys think of the song?