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First Looks of The Actual Good Place Seem Forking Nice

Recently, Vulture uploaded an exclusive clip showcasing what the real Good Place looks like in the Kristen Bell and Ted Danson starring show The Good Place. Season 3 mid-season finale has everyone nervous because it was revealed that no one has made to The Good Place in over 500 years! This suggests that there’s something wrong with the system classifying people into the Good and Bad eternal places. This gives the our four stars a chance to somehow make it in fictitious heaven! Which is what Michael and Janet already did! Watch the clip below.

The Good Place

What the Clip Reveals!

Well, Michael says that they’re not in the main part of The Good Place but it is in fact the real place. There’s a clever smell test that they do that guarantees that they’re in the real fictional heaven they took 3 seasons to get to. Each one of them smells something that makes them the happiest.  For Eleanor, it’s the smell of a swimming pool she used to go as a kid. Chidi gets the smell of Warm Pretzels and absolute moral truth. For Tahani, it’s a curtain closing between first class and economy. For Jason…well it has something to do with Blake Bortles and weed.

One thing we can all agree on is that the actual good place looks pretty neat! The show will return tonight on NBC. Stay tuned for more updates.