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FaZe Clan Reveals New $30 Million Mansion; OG Member Not Invited!

FaZe Clan Reveals New $30 Million Mansion; OG Member Not Invited!

ESports Organization FaZe Clan recently purchased a beautiful new property in Los Angeles and posted a video to give the viewers a tour of it!

And just like that, the Esports giant FaZe Clan has found a new residence! Like the previous FaZe House, the new one is located in Los Angeles as well. Founding member FaZe Banks recently gave us a tour of the $30 million house, that also happens to be Justin Bieber’s old residence. However, what has caught the attention of many people is the absence of an original FaZe member, Blaze!

The new FaZe House has its own LAKE!

FaZe Clan
The outdoor tree house of the new FaZe house

In the house reveal video (live on FaZe Clan’s official YouTube channel), Banks plays the role of a host and takes us to different parts of the exquisite mansion. From a massive lake to a parlor, gym as well as an in-house movie theater and studio, FaZe has definitely struck gold with this house!

The video also introduced the in-house members in a comical way. From what has been revealed until now, 3 of the 4 founding members of FaZe will be staying in the house (Banks, Rain, and Temperrr). Banks’ editor TeaWap and assistant Brandon Dalton will also be a part of the new FaZe house.

FaZe Cizzorz, Teeqo, Kay, and Jarvis also appeared in the video. RiceGum made a cameo appearance at the end, indicating his presence in the mansion. However, we didn’t get to see his room. So it remains to be confirmed if RiceGum will be staying with his FaZe friends.

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FaZe Blaze will not be staying in the $30 Million Faze Clan Mansion!

Once viewers watched the complete FaZe house tour, they immediately noticed the absence of Blaze. For those of you unaware, Blaze had been staying with his FaZe fellows for years.

To explain why is no longer living with the FaZe Clan, he uploaded a video in which he revealed that it wasn’t his decision to not move into the new mansion. He revealed that a senior at FaZe Clan named “Youssef” notified him about it. FaZe Apex (founder) then told him that the decision was for his own good and that he had become unproductive over the years.

Blaze then said that it took him time to realize that the decision was a good one for him. He also said that he will continue making videos with his friends at the new FaZe house.


Do you think that FaZe did wrong by not inviting Blaze to live in the new house? Do you think Blaze will now become more active on YouTube? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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