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Fans Are Shipping Logan Paul And Olivia O’Brien

The famous American singer and songwriter, Olivia O’Brien recently performed at Coachella Music and Arts Festival. She performed her hit song that took over TikTok in no time called ‘Josslyn’. Since the song is released, her fans have been curious and want to know what is it about. No official statement was made from Olivia, but later in an interview she somehow confirmed the person. Moreover, there were some certain fans who thought that song could be possibly about her ex, an American YouTuber and social media personality, Logan Paul. And guess what? It indeed was. There could not be a better confirmation than asking Logan Paul himself to come at the stage at Olivia’s set. That’s exactly what happened at Coachella.

Olivia O’Brien Brought Logan Paul Out At Coachella During Her Set

At her Coachella performance, Olivia brought out her famous ex-boyfriend Logan Paul. He came out holding the sign, “It wasn’t worth it”. Fans were in complete shock at this act since they have been trying to figure out the lyrics of the song. The song Olivia sang is Josslyn. Throughout the song, these lyrics are repeated that say:

I hope that it was worth it f*cking Josslyn

Apparently it is about Logan Paul who had other side girls while dating Olivia O’Brien. The former couple has broken up but continue to have a good friendship. On a Zach Sang Show, the singer and songwriter said:

I just knew my fans would be disappointed in me…Also I hate when people know too personal of details.

Olivia also posted the moment on her social media with Logan Paul while she thanked fans in the caption.

Fans Think Paul And Olivia Are Together

Olivia and Logan Paul fans believe that there is more than friendship between the two stars. The couple broke up in 2019 or 2020. Since then they have remained friends. Logan Paul, in the meantime, has been linked with Josie Canseco and Addison Rae. Fans speculated something between the two before as well but Olivia announced in October that they are strictly friends. However, fans saw a playful attitude between the two and are expecting a comeback.

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