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Fans’ perspective of Trisha Paytas’s relationship with Jason Nash Vs Moses Hacmon

Trisha Paytas has been dating Hila Klein’s brother Moses Hacmon for more than a year now. There were some ups and downs in the relationship as well. However, they overcame those issues, fell in love, and finally engaged this year. Trisha and Moses are also planning their wedding, which will take place soon. She always wanted a family, and it seems like she is happy to start the new chapter of her life with Moses. True Trishy fans remember her relationship issues with Jason Nash. After the recent drama, YouTube has started recommending those old vlogs of the ex-couple, and there is something seriously wrong with it.

Trisha Paytas and the “toxic” relationship with Jason Nash

Trisha Paytas dated Jason Nash for approximately two years. Their love was identified as toxic throughout their relationship by friends and fans. Trisha was portrayed as a “crazy girlfriend” in most of Jason Nash’s vlogs and a few of David Dobrik’s vlogs. While Trisha did not appear much in any other Vlog Squad member’s vlogs, she was “used” primarily for content by both David and Jason. And that’s what her fans have been highlighting since the beginning of her relationship.

After all these years, the old videos are resurfacing on YouTube recommendations. From per fans’ perspective, these videos are problematic as they highlight what fans were forced to see. In one of Jason Nash’s vlogs titled GIRLFRIEND THREATENS TO EXPOSE MY BEST FRIENDS!!, Trisha Paytas seemed uncomfortable with Brandon and David Dobrik flirting with Jason Nash in front of her.

I don’t like this g*y theme you’ve going on with my boyfriend.

Paytas, 2018.

They were messing with her because her previous boyfriend came out as gay. In the same vlog, David Dobrik asked Trisha Paytas:

If we ever stop being friends, will you ever talk crap about us?

Dobrik, 2018.

Zane Hijazi was also present at that moment, and he asked the same question from her. And she said:

Yeah, about David a 100%, about Jason a 100%.

Paytas, 2018.

Predicting the breakup

Trisha Paytas also warned in the video that if she ever broke up with Jason Nash, she would come for David Dobrik first. In return, they made her look “crazy.” All she did was a demand to hang out with her without filming for content. A compilation of clips sheds light on the “toxicity.” In her breakup announcement video titled Why David Dobrik is a HORRIBLE human being, Trisha Paytas said something about Vlog Squad:

Something bad is going to happen in this group. I don’t know what it is, something bad, something they all do these dangerous things. Somebody can die.

Paytas, 2019.

Vlog Squad’s ex-member and one of David Dobrik’s school friends, Dominykas Zeglaitis, recently got exposed by Insider for s*xually assaulting a girl after getting her drunk. [she was 20]. Hannah and her friends were visiting the Vlog squad when Dom promised they would be shooting a vlog with them. The same vlog was up on David Dobrik’s main YouTube account for three months before Hannah contacted Dom and David and asked them to delete it.

Crazy and Desperate music video by Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas recorded a song with Jason Nash titled Crazy and Desperate. The song was released a few days after the Why David Dobrik is a HORRIBLE human being vlog. Many fans thought she uploaded the “breakup” video before the music video release as a PR stunt to gain more views. Even though Trisha had discussed it on her Instagram, she recorded that song a few months before the breakup. It was just bad timing for her. However, she did ask for Jason’s permission before releasing the music video, and he was okay with it.

Trisha used these words in the song to describe herself and Jason Nash: “crazy like me, desperate like you.” Following are the recent comments under this music video:

Trisha Paytas Fan comments

Trisha Paytas gets engaged to Moses Hacmon

Trisha Paytas took almost 8-9 months to get over Jason Nash and move on in her life. She left her apartment and wanted to share an old recording with her fans of the time she got rid of all her memories associated with him. Trisha also got busy promoting her OF and collaborating with different artists. However, she might be giving up the OF platform now that she is getting married to Moses Hacmon.

Trisha Paytas was introduced to Moses Hacmon in a pretty dramatic state of affairs. Moses is Hila Klein’s brother and Ethan Klein’s brother-in-law. They even disagreed when Ethan and Hila discovered that Trisha “went behind their backs,” abandoned their Bachelorette show, and started dating Moses. It was hard for them to accept Trisha Paytas in their family, primarily because of the drama associated with Vlog Squad. However, 2021 is totally their year [at least for now]. Their mutual podcast Frenemies is thriving. Trisha got engaged to Moses, and they are getting married in Israel.

I Love You Moses music video.

As the name indicates, this song is dedicated to Moses Hacmon, Trisha Paytas’s fiancé. She learned a whole new language and proved how much she was dedicated to him. The song also highlights her relationship with Moses. Trisha and Jason Nash always kept fighting in their vlogs shot together. People also highlighted how Jason allegedly always shared the parts in his vlogs where “Trisha was the crazy one”.

moses hacmon Trisha Paytas

Some fans also observed the similarities between Trisha Paytas’s breakup videos and Jason Nash’s alleged girlfriend Rachel Velasco’s video. Jason Nash is staying silent after the recent drama and has not issued any statement yet. Meanwhile, people are digging up old videos which have inappropriate content. YouTube also shows his Trisha Paytas vlogs in the recommendations where he was fighting with her over different things.

Fans perspective

While Jason Nash’s faithful fans are still on his side, Trisha Paytas’s fans want him to issue an apology or a statement addressing everything.

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