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Fans believe Trisha Paytas is mean to new boyfriend

Everyone thought she was having a fling with Hila Klein’s brother. It turns out Trisha Paytas is officially dating Moses Hacmon. A few months back, Trisha took part in H3 Podcast’s Bachelorette when she was supposed to find her boyfriend. Instead, she started dating Ethan Klein’s brother-in-law. Trisha has confirmed that it was to tease Ethan & Hila initially. But later, she started to fall for Mose, and now they live together. Still, some fans believe that Trisha is mean to her new boyfriend and she should give him a break.

Trisha Paytas is judging Moses Hacmon for what Jason Nash did.

Trisha Paytas has been obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash even after the breakup. You still find references of him in every other vlog she posts now. As per claims made by Trisha, she has been dating Moses on-again-off-again from last 6 months. They recently celebrated their 6-months anniversary, and there have been two breakups already during these 6 months.

However, Trisha Paytas has confirmed now that she is really going deep in this relationship with Moses Hacmon. They are looking for new houses and they are going to buy it together. Trisha moved to her current house a few months back. However, she says she is still facing security issues here as well. That means Trisha and Moses are looking to move into a gated house.

They are also already talking about marriage and kids. Trisha Paytas moves fast, and everyone knows that. However, this time, her fans actually like Moses Hacmon for her. In a way, Hila Klein compliments Ethan Klein, and Moses does the same for Trisha. He keeps her humble, and he still loves her for who she is.

However, Trisha Paytas’s fans also believe that Trisha is a bit mean to her new boyfriend. She keeps pinching him for minor issues. In her first episode of Frenemies podcast as a co-host of Ethan, Trisha confessed that she keeps tabs on Moses. She also has his Instagram and other passwords. Trust issues already?

Trisha keeps throwing “jokes” around regarding Moses’s interests, passions, or even the food he eats.

Fans already believe that Moses deserves a medal for patience.

Fans are really hoping that Trisha Paytas does not sabotage her current relationship with Moses Hacmon.

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