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Family Of Murder Victim Shares Bianca Scholarship Fund | Beware Of Fake Fundraisers

Family of the murder victim Bianca Devins has shared official Bianca Scholarship Fund details. Brandon Clark, 21, murdered Bianca Devins, 17, Sunday Morning. Many people contacted the Devins/Williams family (Bianca’s Family) for monetary donations. Due to which the family was working on establishing an official fundraiser. However, they have also shared caution to beware of fake fundraisers being run in Bianca’s name.

Bianca Scholarship Fund Details & Family’s Statement

Bianca’s sister Olivia Devins (Liv Devins) shared the news on her Instagram handle that they are working on a fundraiser in Bianca’s name. Bianca Devins faced mental illness issues in her past and she overcame the issues. Bianca also wanted to study psychology as majors and help out the people suffering from mental illnesses. Therefore, to honor her wishes, the family has started a fundraiser which will help the students pursuing a degree in psychology. Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties is monitoring the scholarship.

Donations can be made to the Bianca Michelle Devins Scholarship Fund, in care of The Community Foundation: We emphasize that this is the only Family-approved fund in Bianca’s name. These funds will be used for a scholarship for students pursuing a degree in psychology so they can continue Bianca’s dream to help adolescents with mental illness.

Fake Bianca Scholarship Funds On The Internet

The Devins/Williams family have further confirmed that internet users are trying to capitalize on their daughter Bianca’s murder. The fake fundraisers are demanding donations for Bianca Devins and the family. However, no one knows who started these funds and there are zero chances that the funds will reach the family.

Other internet funding raising sites are not authorized by the Family, and funds donated to those false sites will not be used for Bianca in any way.

However, there is another fundraiser being shared by Bianca Devins’ sister and step-father. Bianca’s stepfather confirms that the fundraiser is genuine and it is established to help the family with funeral and other expenses.

Contributions, in any amount, to ease the burden of this tragic incident are greatly appreciated. Before this incident, the Devins family had lost one of their household incomes and any donations will go towards any costs and living expenses for the family while they grieve.

The Internet Users Are Capitalizing On Bianca’s Murder

Apart from creating fake fundraisers, many internet users also tried to manipulate people and gain followers. The manipulators claim they have more pictures and videos of the gruesome murder. And they will share after gaining 5k+ followers. One of Bianca Devins’ family members addressed these people with blinded humanity.

It is absolutely disgusting that people are sharing, screen-shoting the pictures of Bianca’s tragedic death!!

It is requested to please respect their privacy and stop this inhuman act of sharing Bianca’s pictures. You can report such profiles and help the internet moderators to get rid of the pictures.

Bianca Devins’ Funeral Services

Bianca Devins’ funeral services arrangement are with the Friedel, Williams & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services, 13 Oxford Rd., New Hartford, NY. The visitation is on July 18, Thursday Evening. Whereas, Funeral will be on July 19, Friday at noon. The funeral details can be found here.

Brandon Clark, the murderer, is charged for second degree murder and police investigations are still in process. Meanwhile, the District Attorney’s Office is preparing for potential defenses. They say Brandon Clark may use extreme emotional disturbance as defense.


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