Exclusive Interview: 30 Miles From Nowhere’s Rob Benedict

Exclusive Interview: 30 Miles From Nowhere’s Rob Benedict

Dankanator had an exclusive interview with 30 Miles From Nowhere’s actor Rob Benedict as a part of its Interview Series with the movies’ cast and crew. We all know him for his work in the TV Series Supernatural. He portrays the role of God and Chuck Shurley on Supernatural. Benedict is not just an actor, he is an amazing singer as well. He is the lead singer and guitarist of an American Indie Rock band Louden Swain.

30 Miles From Nowhere, a horror movie, tells a tale about a group of college friends reuniting for their friend’s funeral. However, things take an eerie turn as they have to fight for their survival.

Exclusive Interview: 30 Miles From Nowhere’s Rob Benedict
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Rob Benedict, the actor who played an unusual role in 30 Miles From Nowhere, explains his experience.


Dankanator: We’ve usually seen you on our screens playing the roles of a nice guy. Even in Supernatural, you play the role of God – the embodiment of goodness in the universe. However, your character in 30 Miles From Nowhere was a bit different. Why did you opt to play such an unusual character?

Rob Benedict: I think that exact idea is what drew me to the role. Seana— who I went to college with—had given me a choice between Larry and Paul. I’m more of a Paul in real life but when you’re a Paul, the idea of being Larry is exciting. In a warped way, it’s freeing to go wow I get permission to be an ass!!”. I do think Larry has a few redeeming qualities- underneath it all he’s a good guy – he’s just as lonely and frustrated as the rest of them. His aggro quips are just how he releases it.

Ironically my character in Supernatural just took a turn toward the unlikable as well. Maybe this is my year to play jerks!

Exclusive Interview: 30 Miles From Nowhere’s Rob Benedict

Dankanator: How was the experience of playing such a role? Is there anything in particular that you liked?

Rob Benedict: I mean it’s always fun to play that guy who says what other people won’t. To be the one with the funny jabs in the face of tension- I love that. I always love playing the comic relief in a drama or the character that breaks the tension with a comic bit. It’s just fun to do.

Exclusive Interview: 30 Miles From Nowhere’s Rob Benedict
Film Camp Productions

Dankanator: What was the best memory for you on the 15-day shoot?

Rob Benedict: We all became so close. I loved each person in that cast. We worked very late into the night – sometimes shooting till daylight. So many things stick out. Doing silly dance moves with Carrie, having late-night deep talks with Sandy (William) and Pos, being housemates with Carrie and Cathy, laughing my face off with Marielle, and the very last night I was in one of the last scenes and had a very early flight so I pulled an all-nighter with Seana, Pos, Cathy. Just super fun to work with an old friend (Seana) and make so many new ones.


Dankanator: You’re usually doing projects that are in the supernatural and horror genre. Is there anything that attracts you to this genre? Perhaps, your personal beliefs regarding the supernatural?

Rob Benedict: It’s funny isn’t it? Maybe it’s because I have such a wild imagination. I spent most of my childhood playing by myself in the woods behind myself – imagining I was a soldier or a cowboy. I just have an active brain. Perhaps that quality attracts itself to the supernatural. I’m happy to be in it!

You can watch the movie’s trailer here.

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