Critics not happy with Chris D'Elia returning to podcast

Chris D’Elia Realized at this Exact Moment that He can’t get away with His Crimes

We have found the exact moment when Chris D'Elia realized that he can't get away with his crimes of sexual misconduct and will get caught someday!

The past few months have truly tarnished Chris D’Elia‘s reputation. He was a pretty successful comedian and getting a lot of gigs as an actor. But, it all came crumbling down when multiple women accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct. What’s worse is that some of them were underaged at the time D’Elia made his advances on them. But, deep down he always knew what he did. However, we may have found the exact moment when D’Elia realized that he can’t get away with his crimes and will get caught!

When Chris D’Elia last appeared on TFAK

We have found the exact moment when Chris D'Elia realized that he can't get away with his crimes of sexual misconduct and will get caught someday!

As we all know, Chris D’Elia was really good friends with Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub. He had appeared on their podcast The Fighter and The Kid multiple times over the years. The last time, however, something interesting happened. And when you look at it in hindsight, you realize that this was the moment Chris D’Elia realized he could get caught.

What happened was on the show, they were discussing an incident where Former Miss Kentucky was sentenced to 2 years in jail for sending a nude photo to one of her former students, who was underaged at the time. She sent those pictures to the boy over Snapchat. And that confused D’Elia a lot. Because he thought that the chats and pictures on Snapchat go away. D’Elia asked the host:

Wait, hold on a second. How did it come out? Like, how did they-?

Finding it, what do you mean? Snapchat goes away right?

At that point, the host told her that chats and pictures can be saved or screen-recorded on Snapchat. And the look on Chris D’Elia’s face completely changed. Take a look at it yourself:

moment chris delia cant get away crimes 1 Chris D'Elia

For your ease, here’s the podcast and it’ll start playing from 1:14.41 when they started discussing that news.

Chris D'Elia

And we have to give credit where it’s due to the YouTuber who had a keen eye to spot this moment. Kudos to this person!

TFAK hosts also reacted to the allegations

After the allegations surfaced, both Bryan and Brendan expressed a lot of “shock” and “hurt” at the allegations. Bryan openly said that he knew Chris D’Elia was a ladies’ man but never saw him do anything appropriate. However, he hoped that the allegations weren’t true. On the other hand, Brendan openly broke down into tears and even said that he was “mad” at D’Elia.

The first wave of allegations surfaced in June when multiple women claimed that Chris D’Elia sexually harassed them. Moreover, he made sexual advances to minors as well. Later on, in August, two women further accused D’Elia of exposing himself in front of them. His legal team did release email exchanges with some of the accused, but most of the alleged victims remain un-answered. Moreover, D’Elia’s legal team reaffirms every time that all his sexual encounters were consensual.

Ever since the allegations came to light, many of D’Elia’s friends and colleagues have called him out, including Whitney Cummings. Moreover, his career also took a strong downturn as his agency and the many projects he was working on, cut him loose.

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