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Everything You Need To Know About Charly Jordan Party Controversy

Everything you need to know about Charly Jordan Party Controversy

A few days back, a TikToker claimed that the Charly Jordan party had peculiar entrance rules. According to her, one had to show their TikTok following if they wished to enter the premises. Shortly after the video went viral, people called out Jordan. However, she is hitting back at her haters and denying the allegations. According to her, she only wanted her friends to enter and did not allow strangers. At the same time, Charly Jordan claimed that people trashed her place and damaged her property.

On Halloween, a TikToker went viral when she talked about Charly Jordan’s party.

In a TikTok video uploaded by Deni, she shared how she accompanied her friend to Charly Jordan’s party. Along with her friend, Deni wanted to celebrate Halloween with influencers and social media stars. However, it did not go as planned. According to Deni, the Charly Jordan party was a disaster for them. To enter the party, people had to show their followers count. If they had fewer followers, they could not enter the premises. In the TikTok video, she wrote:

I thought y’all were kidding but you seriously gotta show your follower count to enter a party!!! LA is something different.

Furthermore, she claimed that everyone’s fav influencers are very rude. Although she did not name anyone, it later turned out to be James Charles, who was also at Charly Jordan’s party.

After the TikTok about Charly Jordan and her party went viral, the influencer responded

When people bashed the TikTok and Instagram influencer for her weird rule, she responded. According to Charly Jordan, her party did not have any weird rules. In an Instagram story, she wrote:

People get so pressed over the dumbest s**t. Don’t take life so seriously. Be happy and focus on yourselves.

Unfortunately, people still did not buy this explanation from Charly Jordan about her party. Therefore, she also said:

Lol at people lying bc they’re mad they could not get into my party. Little girls on TikTok saying we asked to see follower count to get in. Absolutely not true. I was trying to let my friends in. Not all the randoms that showed up and destroyed my property and jumped my gate which now I’ having to pay for. Why would I let strangers into my house? People are so rude.

Furthermore, Jordan explained how people destroyed her property

In another TikTok video, Charly Jordan explained how people destroyed her property. According to her, when people heard about the Charly Jordan party, they showed up in huge numbers. At the same time, people tried to break into her house and destroy the gate. The lights and plants near the gate were also damaged. She said that now she has to pay for everything. When things started to get out of hand, the security decided that the people Jordan followed would be let in. Similarly, she asked the people that no matter how much follower count they have, she will not let strangers in.

Despite the explanation by Charly Jordan, people seem not to buy it.

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